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Nikos zero-project, is a Greek artist,composer and producer.
Instead of any else informations about him, I will let Nikos to speak for himself :

“I was born in Greece, in 1972. I have been playing music since the age of 18 with a small synthesizer. I was trying to play songs that I was already listening; however, the result was always poor.From the age of 18 to 34 I was playing music rarely, with many and long time pauses, keeping a permanent under-amateur level.
The big change came at the end of 2007, when I started composing and publishing my music on the internet as “zero-project”. I felt responsible, my music was not only in my tapes, but would probably be listened by a small, but growing audience. I was trying to become better day by day, both to my composition and production skill level.Since then, there has been a music trip that changed my life.
Sometimes, it may be necessary to fall in order to continue on life’s journey with a reconsidered viewpoint and more stable steps. This is the meaning behind the name “zero-project”. It describes a journey, which starts from zero and points to the stars.
Where my bio is concerned, I believe that I don’t have anything special. After all, everyone has a story to tell, interesting or not. Instead of words, I offer my reason for being: Music.
Regardless of the importance of our root and our destination, the most enjoyable part is the trip between these two points. I believe music is what makes the journey memorable.So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy your musical flight.Welcome and keep flying”
Nikos (zero-project)

We created this video using only ‘Creative Commons licensed videos’, for both the video, and the music.

You may use this video for personal & commercial projects. Attribution is not required, but it is appreciated. If you use it in something, I would love to see it. Post this link in your video info like here:

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26 thoughts on “zero project Dreamland – Nature’s Beauty

  1. ?∧ღ♡♡ღ∧???????【祝】新作ビデオ???御目出とう??????
    ♥(=◕◡◡◕= ). | |???ニコニコ(⌒ー⌒ )。。oO Excellent?素敵な映像有難う(⌒―⌒)))愛 |
    ?o┳⊂ )=|=|(? ^ ▽ ^)?SBQueen’sTM ღ(= ◕ ◡◡ ◕ =) |ლ ( ╹ε ╹ ლ )Iℓơvє? |
    ?◎┻し ’◎.◎ ̄ ̄◎ ◎◎ ̄ ̄◎◎ ̄ ̄◎◎ ̄◎ ̄ ̄◎ ◎◎ ̄ ̄◎◎ ̄ ̄◎◎ ̄◎

  2. excelente precioso video amiga dani muy buen trabajo me gusta pulgares arriba una maravilla de lugar
    gracias por darnos la oportunidad de conocer aun siendo virtual un saludo feliz semana

  3. F A N T A S T I C Beautiful Video I liked it.THUMBS UP. Best wishes and greetings to you 🙂 Love and friendship, and everything your heart needs to be happy! Have a wonderful week! Greetings

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