Zen Riddles for Millennials

In order to move out of your parents’ basement, you must first move into your parents’ basement.

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40 thoughts on “Zen Riddles for Millennials

  1. You're not fucked. You just spent all your time in college partying and getting stoned instead of signing up for internships or whatnot while in school and not swallowing your pride and starting off in a shitty job to then complain that you need experience for a entry-level job and eventually after all that hard work you would actually find a good career. Plus you majored in liberal arts you you basically fucked yourself.

  2. "In Oder to get good credit, you must first accrue debt."
    "But why don't I just not spend money I don't have?"

    You don't have to spend more than you have to accrue debt, that is just plain stupid. Simply use a credit card and pay it off. If you don't have debt -it doesn't have to be large- there is no way you can prove that you can pay it off. You cannot be CREDITED if you don't OBLIGATE yourself.

  3. go for the unpaid internships while you're still in college to build up experience in your career path. that lets you get entry level jobs a lot easier cause you actually have experience. most jobs don't need as much experience as they say, list what you've got, and the skills you have, as well as an ability to work efficiently, learn quickly, and adapt. work on developing soft skills like leadership, public speaking, and teamwork by joining clubs, greek life, sports or local organizations. build up your network while you're still in college and keep in touch with the people you meet. knowing the right people can get you really good opportunities.

  4. I have found the answer my friends. Join the US military and get paid college. You're good as long as you can put your personality into a dark closet and forget to think for the next four years.

  5. In today's video: Millenials complain while I sit in my house I just bought. I'm 31, only have a 2 year degree, learned a trade and can afford nice things because I didn't bury myself in college debt without a clear idea of what I expected the degree to do for me or what I'd do after school.

  6. this is the reason america is gonna die in the next few generations. all companies care about is themselves if all of decided to help a generation heck even america at large we see people want to move here again and be back to the land where anyone can be anything. all I'm saying is that capitalism sucks.

  7. I remember in the beginning before my first job… I refused to apply at mcdonalds, I told myself I'd never go that low. After a hundred applications, a couple interviews, and some bs later… I interviewed at mcdonalds… still didn't get a job xD

    Assistant manager in retail now tho so… it's something?

  8. Just become a freelance artist on Twitter who can't get any customers because everyone thinks you're too "entitled" and all art should be free. It doesn't matter that you slaved over it for hours, they shouldn't have to pay for your hard work. You're their slave!

  9. As a young millennial, I know I'm screwed even more so than you guys entering the market now, so I'm just gonna flee from it all to some distant monastery and live in peaceful ignorant bliss.

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