Your Skin Cells Could Make a Baby, Will This Be the End of Infertility?

New research suggests we’ll soon be able to make eggs and sperm from skin cells. How does it work?

Yes, Sperm Counts Are Plummeting… And Scientists Are Worried –

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Science Is Getting Closer to the End of Infertility
“Through an emerging technology called in vitro gametogenesis (or IVG), scientists are learning how to convert adult human cells—taken perhaps from the inside of a cheek or from a piece of skin on the arm—into artificial gametes, lab-made eggs and sperm, that could be combined to create an embryo and then be implanted in a womb.”

Mouse eggs made from skin cells in a dish
“In a tour de force of reproductive biology, scientists in Japan have transformed mouse skin cells into eggs in a dish, and used those eggs to birth fertile pups. The report marks the first creation of eggs entirely outside a mouse.”

Babies From Skin Cells? Prospect Is Unsettling to Some Experts
“Nearly 40 years after the world was jolted by the birth of the first test-tube baby, a new revolution in reproductive technology is on the horizon — and it promises to be far more controversial than in vitro fertilization ever was.”


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21 thoughts on “Your Skin Cells Could Make a Baby, Will This Be the End of Infertility?

  1. My partner and I want to do this and have a surrogate carry for us. We're guys so hearing about this made me so happy. I wonder if that law covers all types of human egg cells too. I mean I could see someone trying to get around that law since the egg cells were lab created and not naturally produced by people.

  2. I literally thought they meant one day our skin cells could create a baby. As in if a man ejaculates on a women she could become pregnant…. I feel so stupid now.

  3. I challenge anyone saying this is not revolutionary. Infertile people will be able to reproduce regardless gender. Think about the animals that can be saved due to extinction. Now fast forward to artificial wombs and voila. Think about how we will be able to reproduce when we get to be a type 1 civilization that lives in space.

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