Your Brain as Laboratory: The Science of Meditation

Your Brain as Laboratory:
The Science of Meditation

Meditation has surged in
popularity in recent years,
from a fringe interest to a
mainstream trend championed
by therapists, scientists,
and celebrities.

As part of this shift,
misconceptions and dismissals
have given way to the
emerging recognition of
meditation as a science.

One purpose of meditation is
careful observation of
one’s own mind.

This observation reveals
consistent patterns that
meditators share with
one another and with teachers
who direct their practice.

Master meditators weigh these
observations against their own
experience and knowledge passed
down from previous generations of
meditation masters, thereby
generating models of the mind.

Meditation is not simply
passive observation, nor
could it be, since the very
act of observation is itself
an activity of mind.

In the history of meditation
practices that qualify as
scientific, meditation masters
have used models of the mind
generated by meditation to
modify meditation techniques
for increased efficacy.

When these modifications are
subsequently preserved
because they are effective,
the experimental results have
passed the tests of replicability
and falsifiability required
by the scientific method.

The picture of meditation
as science is complete.

We are increasingly able to
verify brain changes in
subject populations employing
particular meditation techniques.

Thus there is an emerging ability
of third-person science to
corroborate the models created
through the first-person mind
science of meditation.

The ultimate goal is a
profound cognitive shift
to a more accurate perception
of one’s self and one’s
relationship to the world.

This cognitive shift,
is traditionally known as
“liberation,” “enlightenment,”
or “awakening”.

Awakening produces a dramatic
and persistent increase
in well-being.

The cognitive transformation,
characterized by wisdom,
compassion, and freedom
from most forms of suffering,

would ultimately become available
to millions, completely transforming
human society and helping us
solve the enormous threats
our species and our planet now face.

Learn to Meditate today.

Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.
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