You Are Two

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44 thoughts on “You Are Two

  1. The right hemisphere associated with the feminine in old traditions is the way to the subconscious. It’s the world of symbols and images like the ones in dreams that the left brain will cut up or compartmentalizations and make sense of.

  2. oddly, i will occasionally type the complete wrong word, like i was talking with a friend on discord just now, and randomly replace a word with "apple". Is this right brain? I just got a new phone, a windows phone. Does right brain want an iPhone instead?

  3. So that means that if you got your brain split and photos of your relatives were put in front of you and someone asked who they were as a one of these relatives walked in front of you, speaking left brain would say "what? I've never met this person." But right brain, knowing who they were with the power of facial recognition would pick up the photo and compare the two faces to confirm or deny if they were the same. That is insanely creepy.

  4. What if it goes beyond just the two hemispheres? Is it possible that the brain is "infinitely" divisible and at what point does it stop being sapient? Is self awareness just a natural product of complexity in a brain?

  5. This shouldn't surprise us. Poetry, probably the sharpest glimpse we have into the human psyche we have, has long assumed that humans are composite creatures.

  6. In the video you show a video of someone with a split brain being asked simple questions. Where is this from. I would like to see the full thing. Thank you

  7. Here's a fun way to not never be unlonely ever
    talk to yourself
    give the other voice a different way of speaking like an accent
    give it a name
    then it will have a personality of its own subconsciously

    then after all that try talking to a mirror and try switching with the other

    have fun

  8. this is sort of drawing a conclusion, the right brain isn't a separate entity, it's just a part of your brain that does different stuff

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