Yoga vs. Meditation

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10 thoughts on “Yoga vs. Meditation

  1. You can combine mindfulness meditation with anything: walking, sitting, laying down, doing the dishes, driving a car, yoga, etc… However, I agree with you that Yoga and Meditation aren't the same thing or that they have to go together.

  2. I think you can't separate the mind and body, no matter beliefs. So all physical is mental, and all mental is physical. Athletes speak of "the zone" when doing physical, and they would all say its a very mental almost meditative state. Yoga is no different. That still, centered and controlled zone in the midst of all that movement.

  3. I don't separate the two,mainly because I practice at home and sometimes it comes as something natural to meditate at the end of my practice. i dont meditate much thought and I view yoga as a form of fitness as well.. i wouldn't either be able to meditate with people around me. Id love to hear more about your meditation practice and some tips on how to start it& maintain it consistent 🙂 thanks for Sharing

  4. Best meditation I found is one from Sam Harris, bullshit free. There's a short one and a longer one on youtube. Check them out if you're interested in giving it a go, guys.

  5. i know that this is not uncommon for many but it always baffles me to hear it. like you, i use yoga for fitness but as much as i concentrate on form and alignment my breath always takes me there. do you not find meditation in larger groups more powerful? be it on a mat or a cushion, for me its the "community" that harnesses the most spirituality… and this is coming from a total loner. everyone is different though. such an interesting topic.

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