Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress. Awaken The Force! Move from the darkness into the light! Yoga has your back! In this practice video Adriene guides you through breath and body practices that serve you when you feel bad. Learn breathing techniques and spinal work that will assist you in moments of stress. Find release, create space and process yo’ stuff. Bookmark this video. Yoga to the rescue! Enjoy.

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41 thoughts on “Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

  1. I woke up today feeling anxious. After being a parole officer for the state of Texas for 10 years I find myself feeling lost. I have done yoga before but this morning with your guidance I finally understood what yoga is. Thank you for being part of the universe alignment.

  2. Thanks for this video, I have been taking CBD to help manage my anxiety and now I advocate the use of CBD. It's worth looking into with your MD like I did, its a natural remedy to treat the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and many other conditions. My page will have videos to educate, come check me out!

  3. Happy Winter Solstice! This routine is very perfect for just what I needed today. I will definitely go back to this consistently. Thank you so much for sharing this I cannot take Pharmaceuticals as they all cause depression this routine made me feel so alive, really lit my fire . I appreciate you so much

  4. This is such a great practice. Perfect for calming the soul and a great workout for the winter solstice as we strive to leave the darkness behind and look toward brighter days. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and for reminding us to focus on the positive inside ourselves. Happy Holidays and Namaste!

  5. Today my anxiety wasn't bad. I am still working on positive affirmations, my boyfriend tried to get me to say "I am enough" among other affirmations out loud, and most of them I broke down during, i sobbed, and started rocking back and forth. The only affirmation I managed to say without as much hesitation was "I am strong". This video… just feels like such a good match with what I am trying to do right now.

    On a side note, yoga and Mr. Sub do not mix lol. Had to interrupt my session because my boyfriend's grandma was picking up subs for dinner and wanted us to come.

  6. My fave thing is coming back to a practice and getting a whole new experience. Too tired in my bones to be able to do the whole thing so I took a lil break in the middle but I stayed on the mat, which I'm always impressed with myself for doing!!!

  7. that blanket on the table with the lamp looks so dang cozy! not sure if you still respond to comments on old videos Adriene, but i'd love to know where you got it. wonderful practice, as per usual. <3

  8. You're a good woman lol I needed to light that fire in my belly and in my soul. Did some good studies this morning and now I did a personal inventory to help boost me through the day ♡ Namaste

  9. Happy Monday to you and yours Adriene and thank you. I had to purposely even more than usual move very slowly. I recently recovered from a pulled muscle in my back and felt really good yesterday but this morning my lower left side, oh my goodness, it felt like recovery hadn't taken place. I am grateful nonetheless to have been able to get on my mat today and God willing, plan to from this day forward, especially since I am now permanently back home. JAI NAMASTE 🙏🏽😘💖🤗🙌🏽🎉💐

  10. Been ill for a week with bad flu, and stepped on to the mat for the first time since, and this is like an elixir of life for the body and mind. You feel like you can tackle the day after doing this practice. Once again, thank you Adriene!

  11. Mam, I've become one of your fan after watching your videos..
    I was suffering from anxiety and did the yoga you suggested in this video..
    This is doing good for me..
    Thank you☺❤❤

  12. This is exactly what I needed today! I have a baby and a 4 y/o with TONNNNNNS of energy. Lack of sleep has increased my anxiety and this brought some calm to my evening. Thank you for the love you share with your yoga practice!!! And the creaks in your floor are authentic and real as you are!! Love it!!

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