World Meditation (English) – 22nd March 2018

On 22nd March 2018, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world will come to India, the international ‘capital’ of meditation, to pay homage and express their gratitude for the precious legacy that this ancient culture has shared with the rest of the world.
Many prestigious international artists, such as TEV and A.R. Rachman Orchestra, will join to perform Indian Classical music and dance, sharing the melodic harmony between East and West.

This World Meditation has been designed for students around the world and therefore respects every culture and religion. On this day, our volunteers will guide simultaneous meditations involving students of all ages, and schools and Institutions from all over the World will join the Indian students through 24 hours of active links and connections.

The project has achieved amazing results both academically and psychologically, gaining the support and appreciation of many prestigious international institutions and receiving favourable media attention worldwide. It is the love for children that has inspired people to contribute, so that the Event can be offered to schools completely free of charge.

The seeds of peace •

Modern life constantly exposes our attention to external stimuli which distracts us from the treasure of inner peace, potentially present in all of us. Unfortunately, stress is not an exclusive feature of the adult world. For children and adolescents, daily commitments can be particularly difficult, compromising their ability to concentrate and learn. We would like to come to your schools to motivate your students in their studies, showing them the global recognition of indian culture, and how important it is for the world to preserve its qualities.
Schools and Institutions from all over the World are getting ready to build a bridge between the east and the west, an occasion for all our children to be closer to India with all it’s wisdom, depth and beauty.

Having experienced the benefits of meditation, our students, are preparing messages for Indian students. They are sending their respect, their joy and friendship to enjoy together the universality of this practice.

From New Delhi to Paris, from Rome to New York, from Beirut to Beijing to Jerusalem.
A wave of love and cultural integration will start from India to envelop the entire planet, allowing the beauty in each of us to emerge in an unprecedented global event. We are committed to cultivating the seeds of peace and understanding among all people, with the goal of reinforcing the fundamental values needed for a harmonious and respectful relationship with others.

• The Roots of the event •

We follow a universal ideal, to inspire in all generations the understanding that “There will never be peace in the world until we have peace within ourselves”.

The meditation technique that will be used is Sahaja Yoga, founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She travelled tirelessly for over 40 years all over the world with her maternal grace, spreading her message and giving life to organizations and social initiatives in many different countries. Her work has united people all over the world and today Sahaja Yoga is practiced in over 100 countries and offers the possibility, entirely free of cost, to make meditation an integral part of one’s life.

Thanks to Her legacy many children are able to experience the beauty of Sahaja Yoga meditation and the value of Indian culture. It has became for so many children a point of reference, a lifeline, to protect their innocence and find balance in the chaos that modern life is often nowadays, notwithstanding their religion or cultural background.
The meditation techniques of Sahaja Yoga are now used in schools in over 60 countries.


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