Women's Circle Facilitator Training – Be Durga Kali Training Testimonies

WHAT: Join Sharada (Vedic Samskaras & teachings) and Dr. Sujatha (Ayurveda) in a special self-discovery journey dedicated to Durga-Kali, she who removes pain and suffering.

Durga represents the archetype of motherhood, strength, courage, bravery, she who protects the people who follow universal values, leader & mentor.

In honouring Durga we focus primarily on healthy and sacred initiation rites, ritualising every facet of ones life. We will look into healthy samskaras (sacred initiations and impressions from birth to death) in the Vedic Tradition. As well as women’s health in Ayurveda.

Through 5 different ceremonies we will celebrate, re – celebrate or make up for those moments in our lives that maybe did not receive the attention that they would have deserved or needed in order to process the transitions. Rites of passage such as a birth ceremony, beginning of studies, from girl to woman, wedding as well as a death ceremony are meaningful ways to ritualise our journey as a human being.

It gives a healthy self image, an ego that is well nourished, feels loved and wanted, one is a together person which is essential in order for me to be a healthy role model, an inspiring woman, a mother, a leader or a mentor.

Under the Banyan Tree in Ubud, Bali the Island of 1000 Temples, Indonesia

TEACHERS. You will be guided by three amazing women who will share their heart and wisdom.

SHARADA is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta and the Vedic Tradition. She has studied Vedanta, Sanskrit, Meditation, Puja and Chanting with her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda since 2010.
Her devotion shines through in all she offers, especially in mantra chanting, rituals and during women’s circles. Her background in Odissi Dance, which is a temple dance, has helped her own discovery of the sacred feminine profoundly. Sharada supports, holds and leads Women’s Circles and Women Online Support Group with all her heart, as they have been essential in her own emotional and spiritual growth. She is the founder of Be Woman Project. Be Woman Project is an intention to inspire women to heal any wound around being a woman as well as the relationship with other women in their life. By getting to know oneself as the source of love, security and happiness and the discovery of one’s own worthiness, we can embody the love that we are and reach out to our families, friends and community in a loving and supportive way rather than needing to be emotionally validated by them. Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by many over the last decades. Be Woman Project is here to help rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, a sister and a mother in and of the universe.

Dr. SUJATHA is a certified Ayurvedic doctor (B.A.M.S), who completed her degree in Karnataka, India. Before coming to Bali in 2004, Dr. Kekada worked as an Ayurvedic Doctor in one of the most respected and successful clinic in Kerala, South India. She has also practiced as Ayurvedic Consultant in Europe and at one of the top Health Retreats in Asia. Dr. Kekada’s deep knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her warm, intuitive and caring attitude has facilitated deep healing for many people. Applying not only Ayurveda but also Theta Healing in her approach, she is able to successfully address and assist with emotional aspects of healing as well. As a mother of two, Dr. Kekada can offer important advice for pre- and post natal care including appropriate medicines and treatments.

For detailed information about the schedule, vision, teachers and to apply, visit www.bewomanproject.info/durga

For any question you are welcome to write to bewomanproject@gmail.com

Credits and gratitude to Nicola Devi for creating this video


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