Winterscapes: A Meditation in Nature | Volume 1

This is a simple video of footage I take regularly focusing on the seasons & all that entails them. I compose the music over the video in professional applications with multiple synthesizers, and sometimes other instruments like live Didgeridoo. The music is created real time track by track quickly, using no quantization and very minimal editing, as the idea is that the music should reflect the feeling of the nature in the video. I give myself no more than 3 hours or so to complete the music for this series. It will likely never appear on any album or be officially released. But….you never know. If the requests came pouring in & people choose to support it, I just might be convinced to tighten it up, mix it properly and have it mastered.


Our health, happiness and success depends very much on the delicate balance of the natural world around us. Should we spend too many more years waging war on that which keeps us alive, our success as a species will come to an end and nature will simply reabsorb what is needed to regenerate that which we have taken.

I notice more every year that people seem to deem an understanding of how the natural world works together to be “unimportant” and don’t actively make time for it. Yet, I would urge everyone to try to understand that it is literally “the” most important thing. Take even the biggest naysayer out into a truly beautiful natural space, and you will watch them light right up and change before your eyes in the most wonderful ways almost instantly.

My goal is to use my music production, synthesis and composition skills to aid in a thoughtful meditation of sorts to consider such things. I hope you’ll join me in taking part in something that is one of the most crucial choices man has ever faced on this planet. In past times, it was localized and seldom did anything truly impact globally except for a short time. Since mass industrialization of all things, we now have made extreme global impact. This is a first for the human race. Our time to ignore it will not be forever.


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