Why You Can't Meditate & How To Change That

WHY YOU CAN’T MEDITATE & HOW TO CHANGE THAT – Do you want to meditate but can’t seem to quiet your mind when you try to? I’ve nailed down 4 of the most common reasons why so many of us struggle to meditate and how we can change that.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Can't Meditate & How To Change That

  1. MY BACK AND LEGS HURT SO MUCH WHILE MEDITATING. How do I fix this? I literally can’t go more then like 10 mins because of it and during that 10 mins I can never relax because of it

  2. One of the most rewarding aspects of meditation is in becoming aware of just how much of my life is spent in unconscious thought. I've turned it into a game of see how fast I can catch my mind drifting off. How fast can I catch myself getting frustrated, resentful, angry etc.
    If one is consistent, it really doesn't take that long to become disassociated from one's thoughts, feelings, or even one's identity. This is where I feel it can get dangerous, although I've also noticed that the process itself seems to provide a safety net; sort of like 'safe mode' on your computer. Nevertheless, I don't think it can be overstated enough that there is a lot we don't know about ourselves, and a lot that we probably would rather not know as well. These discoveries can be quite unpleasant, but the subsequent liberation is well worth it.

    One of the other most gratifying aspects is in noticing how the behavior of people around me will suddenly improve. It can also be annoying in that I'm the one investing all this time while they seem to reap all the benefits. The ego tells me this, but the reality is that they're treating me better because I'm no longer operating on such a low level of consciousness anymore. People don't owe me anything when I'm not present.

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