Why you can’t find or keep a Queen – NAAZIR RA


How to master the secret spiritual alchemy of ascension through meditation, alchemy, advanced spiritual science, metaphysics and the melanin mysteries of Kemet / Ancient Egypt. How to open your 3rd eye / pineal gland and awaken your Kundalini for DNA ascension to 4th density? Learn the hidden secrets of the mind, the universe and the paranormal. Learn the truth about the origin of human religion and the extraterrestrial connection. What are UFO’s? How to connect with your arch angels? What is the Kabbalah? Who is God? How to avoid spiritual attack?

Step up to your power with the dynamic teachings of Naazir El Neter Ra the founding professor and CEO visionary of Hidden Power University and New Dawn Transformation Community.

Naazir Ra is the author of the most dynamic spiritual resources of this age!


– The Hidden Self: A Guide to the Metaphysical Self
– The Hidden Power: How to Manifest Your Dreams
– The Access Codes to Zion: How to Live on the Frequency
– 4th Density: How to Ascend Through Thought
– Unlocking the Secrets of Christ and the Angelic Realm

– Ascension Minerals
– Pure Organic Superfoods
– Alkaline Water: Supreme Power pH
– Parasite Annihilation Teas
– RA-DROPS Premium Organic Herbal Elixirs


– Better Living: Creating a Spiritually Conscious Community
– King Me: How to Raise the Divine Masculine
– 100 Male & Female Ascension Names


– BREAK FREE! Cosmic Ascension to 4th Density
– Unleash Your Hidden Power
– Building Your Light Body
– Metaphysics of Destiny Series
– Break Free Cosmic Melanin Alliance
– Metaphysics of Christ and the Apocalypse
– Kundalini Science and DNA Ascension
– Mental Parasite Self Defense


– The Sleeping Serpent Morning and Evening Meditation
– Mind Tonic: Delta Brainwave Entrainment
– ZION Meditation Series: Abundance & Spiritual Power
– The Secret Science of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection
– Advanced techniques in Alters, Amulets and Talismans / Magic
– Advanced techniques in Sigilation and Entities / Magic

– Quantum Leverage: The Secret Science of Wealth

Get the FACTS! Learn the REALITY! Tap into your Hidden Power!! Wake up from the lies and fairy tales told to you as a child through religion! As an adult, we must put away childish things and seek out absolute TRUTH! Remember, the TRUTH will make you free!!



26 thoughts on “Why you can’t find or keep a Queen – NAAZIR RA

  1. Yessss! And you cant be truly masculine taking "Sundays off" if you get me! If you don't blatantly you can't be masculine and not be a PROVIDER that in my opinion is the definition of masculine. Although women don't need men for money in particular the ability for the man to internalize his ability to provide no matter what his women can do secures his masculine side and helps the female dwelve into her feminine. HOWEVER women need to show they are ready to be feminine because men are not mind readers!! The difficult part in today's society is the ability for women to show they are ready to be feminine with non stop schedules and an aire and attitude that is of a busy life ppl don't have the time to truly get to know one another before diving in head first to sex, a relationship, or even marriage! These situation usually end in divorce because the 2 never decided what they wanted THEIR life to be and that's in the best situation not even accounting for infidelity or abuse.

  2. I don’t see how trump could possibly represent “masculine energy” when he in a commercial in year 2000 kissing on rudy Giuliani’s neck while he was dressed up in drag…..

  3. My father was a great man in so many ways, I could see him happy with being able to make his life move , He loved being a family man and he was happy because he could choose to do it his way, he was happy to have Solutions not delusions

  4. Shout out to the Divine Masculines,
    all she wants is a good man who can bring stability and consistency to her life. A man who understands her emotionally and whose presence can calm her soul and light a fire within her spirit all at the same time.

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