Why Meditation Helps Lucid Dreaming – Meditation and Lucid Dreaming

Today I want to talk about meditation and lucid dreaming. How and why does meditation help with lucid dreaming? There are several reasons that meditation aids lucid dreams, some of the benefits of meditation directly aid you with achieving lucidity, and I talk about most of these in the video. After that I announce a special 10,000 subscriber giveaway in which two winners will get free copies of both my “4 Steps to Manifesting Anything” visualisation & manifestation e-book, and my “Advanced Lucidity” lucid dreaming audio course.

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36 thoughts on “Why Meditation Helps Lucid Dreaming – Meditation and Lucid Dreaming

  1. Great video. I would like to add that if your going to meditate before bed do it before you get drowsy as you want to be fully aware as you hold your attention for extended periods of time so you can reap the full benefits of your nightly meditation session. I can personally vouch for everything you said here this method does work. You just want to avoid meditating in a drowsy state at night and you want to avoid falling asleep in a drowsy state as well.

  2. I tried to meditate inside of a lucid dream and when I closed my eyes I immediately woke up. I see other people are talking about meditating while dreaming. Should I keep my eyes open inside the dream or is there something I'm missing?

  3. I have lucid dreams pretty often and the only thing i do is meditate, no staring at objects all night or dream journaling or anything else. Meditation increases awareness which is the main thing that causes lucid dreams.

  4. Sleep yoga's practice is to show you how to stay lucid during both REM and NREM, which is what you were doing: staying aware during NREM. Good job.

  5. speaking of Godzilla, am pretty sure saw something like that in a dream when was little and then it just clicked that I was dreaming.
    then I decided to abandon my military post and fly but was pulled down by some dream character soldier

  6. Cheers for the candid video. I've not lucid dreamed in years but the information you've shared lines up with what I was doing at the time)

  7. Hello I need some help understanding what's happening to me please! I go into this meditative state of mind and I'm aware before the dream starts and I start seeing little movies playing out people coming and going. At night I some times see energies flying around in my room at night. Is this all a normal part of the process of awakening? Just awakened last April.

  8. Research into yoga nidgra it talks about dreamless sleep this is the ultimate goal of dream practice. Also read carlos castaneda books. in one of them if I remember correctly Don Juan the shaman also saying that the goal of dream practice is to have no dream at all but I could be wrong.

  9. So, about what you said, today in my dream i was in my room and somehow something happened and i looked out of the window, it was so different than it is in real life, i realized that this was not real and the dream turned black and it felt like i was waking up, but i told myself, "But im dreaming" and i somehow returned back to my room and everything was clear, but i could not stay lucid for long time because i wasn't focused. I don't know if the dream ended and i remade it immediately but it sounded familiar when you said about that void. Im really looking forward to meditating i still find it very difficult though!

  10. I just had my first lucid dream! I'm so excited. I meditated for a few minutes right before falling asleep but the dream happened in the morning. I woke up to use the bathroom, when I was awake I remembered my dream very clearly. Then I went back to sleep and started dreaming again, I got excited when I realized I was lucid in my dream and everything turned to black so I said stabilize in my mind and I started having a new one. Then I woke up. It's my first one ever! I'm so excited 🙂 🙂 🙂 I listened to Matt's hypnosis a couple nights. I'm going to start meditating everyday. I have been doing it on and off for about a year. I watched this video right before bed 🙂 Thanks Matt!

  11. Hey man, I need a little help here. I started all this lucid dreaming thing a few days ago, 1 week ago to be exact. I haven't been able to go lucid just yet but what is happening is that I no longer have dreams. Why the hell is this happening?

  12. Congrats on the 10k subscribers (almost 11k now! :)) Wish you thousands more. People can benefit from learning all about lucid dreaming and from all the other exciting content in your channel.

  13. Been learning how to lucid dream for a couple weeks now! Not successful but I am trying! I know I need to practice meditation more often. Is it absolutely required to keep a dream journal? I always found that I remember my dreams quite well and am capable of recalling patterns/general things from previous dreams without writing them down

  14. Do you think it is helpful to meditate as you fall asleep? Or is the effect very limited since you might not be putting as much effort/focus into it? Awesome video once more Matt 🙂
    Still yet to have my first LD but I feel it coming.

  15. what guilded meditation your using if your not using guided one can you explain what to do ? please i believe in you so please answer or make video on that

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