Why Meditate? by Matthieu Ricard

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Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from “Why Meditate?” by Matthieu Ricard. Hope you enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “Why Meditate? by Matthieu Ricard

  1. Meditation is not about controlling the mind. You can't control it. Control is ego. What you want to do is not let the thoughts affect you and instead find the source of stillness that you are at your core. True meditation is about relinquishing all control, accepting / watching everything as it is, and to just be.

  2. The range of what we see and do
    Is limited by what we fail to notice.
    And because we fail to notice
    That we fail to notice,
    There is little we can do
    To change
    Until we notice
    How failing to notice
    Shapes our thoughts and deeds.

    R. D. Laing
    Found in the Foreword of, Prisoners of Our Thoughts, Pattakos

  3. Hi Brian! Your commitment to bring 10 ideas in a digestible form has been a great blessing to me . It helps me on various dimensions : brings clarity, helps review, and motivates  the budding author.. Thanks once again.
    Brian, where can i find your philosophers notes . I want to learn how you go about composing them . Thanks in advance-

  4. Hi Brian, great video and thanks for putting time to enlighten the world. I really liked the water bucket illustration. Could you make a video on Mastery by Robert Greene, I am currently reading this  book but it seems to contain a lot. It would be of great help if I could get a summary video on it.
    Thanks again. 

  5. I meditate for many years now but consistently the last 2 years (never missed a day). And I have to say that I experience all of the benefits you mentioned today!!! Pure delight!

  6. I do 2x 20 minutes a day, results are incredible, stress and worries disappear, notice things normally not noticed because your mind was elsewhere, appreciation of taste, clear uncluttered view of everything, living in the moment…

  7. I want to learn to meditation..my new job….actually made our unit relaxed and meditate yesterday and they got all of us 30 minute massage. I have never been cared for by an employer this way before. I feel so blessed. They even had us watch a movie called butterfly circus. To teach us how to turn things around from neg to positive. I am loving my life rite now.

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