WHY I STARTED LIFTING (Visualization and Speed Meditation Techniques)

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(a video on why I started lifting and the importance of athletic training with some speed meditation/mental plyometrics)

0:00 – Piano
1:28 – The Importance of Visualization and Imagination in Athletics
4:02 – Brain as VR
7:34 – Why I started lifting weights
9:16 – Speed Mediation Technique

edited by http://www.instagram.com/being_Frank_Yang
filmed by Zachery Marlow http://www.instagram.com/oh.lost
thumbnail: http://www.instagram.com/dlwh0521


40 thoughts on “WHY I STARTED LIFTING (Visualization and Speed Meditation Techniques)

  1. Thank you Frank, you always give good introductions for people to think about those abstract things ! I always feel a connection between your words and my thoughts.

  2. I think I kind of get the speed meditation thing. When I smoke weed I get hyper aware of everything going on around me. My brain is constantly switching focus from every little detail of the world around me like all of my own automatic body functions, what everyone else is doing, what is happening in nature at that moment, sounds/music, etc. Each time my brain focuses on one thing it’s like I get tunnel vision and my focus on everything else is completely gone but this last only a fraction of a second as my brain will jump to another thing or sensation to focus on. Time slows down as my focus jumps hundreds of times per minute. It’s like I’m feeling/thinking of/observing everything at once while also being hyper focused on individual aspects. I have trouble letting go and just existing in this state. My consciousness tries to over analyze and control everything in experiencing but my brain is moving too fast for it to keep up. As a result, I get very paranoid and anxious. I very much hate the feeling but it also intrigues me and compels me at the same time. I’m curious as to if others experience this same effect and if this meditation style is similar or if it could help deal with/accept this brain state when I’m high.

  3. Can't even take this serious. The girl at the start stares at the camera after fake meditating and then grabs her tit to adjust her bra. Obsessed with media attention. Don't sit there and act as if you're all spiritual, just because you have some East Asian tattoos. Disgusting.

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