Why Don’t Those Who’ve Died Communicate With Us More? — Swedenborg and Life

If people’s spirits live on after their bodies die, why don’t they come back daily and talk to everyone they love? Why do some people get visited by a loved one who has passed on while others don’t? Join us, along with Dr. Jonathan Rose as we discuss Swedenborg’s accounts of his spiritual experiences and what he learned through them.

Topics include:

-The Divine Design
-The Importance of Life on Earth
-Things Were Meant to be Different

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“There are three heavens, very clearly distinguished from each other. There is a central or third heaven, an intermediate or second one, and an outmost or first. These follow in sequence and are interdependent, like the highest part of the human body, the head; the middle, or torso; and the lowest, or feet…The deeper levels of the human mind and disposition are in a similar pattern as well. We have a central, intermediate, and outmost nature. This is because when humanity was created the whole divine design was gathered into it, to the point that as to structure, the human being is the divine design and is therefore a heaven in miniature.” -HH 29-30

“The heavenly kingdom is the third and deepest heaven. The spiritual kingdom is the second or middle heaven…people in the heavenly kingdom, have love for the Lord at their core and charitable feelings toward their neighbor on the outside. People in the spiritual kingdom, though, have charitable feelings toward their neighbor at their core and a faith resulting from charity on the outside. Clearly, then, charity toward one’s neighbor forms the bond between the two kingdoms. The heavenly kingdom ends with it, and the spiritual kingdom begins with it….so each takes up where the other leaves off.” – AC 5922

“There are three inner levels of every angel and spirit, and of every person here as well. The people whose third level has been opened are in the central heaven, while the people whose second or first only has been opened are in the intermediate or the outmost heaven. The deeper levels are opened by our acceptance of divine good and divine true gifts.” -HH 33

“People who are actually affected by divine true gifts and let them directly into their lives-into their intentions and therefore into act-are in the central or third heaven…people who do not let such gifts directly into their intentions, but into their memory and from there into their discernment, intending and doing them as a result of this process, are in the intermediate or second heaven. People who live good moral lives, though, and believe in the Divine with no particular interest in learning, are in the outmost or first heaven.” -HH 33


50 thoughts on “Why Don’t Those Who’ve Died Communicate With Us More? — Swedenborg and Life

  1. I dreamed of Death Valley. I was walking among high rocks, like brown reddish stalacmites, in a beautiful, sunset light. A young nurse told me that they found my mother wandering there and I was called to lead her home and take good care of her, My mother is alive. … I was also told she only has a few more months to live …

  2. When you are born, you are a blank canvas, and you grow into a person (ego), we are always becoming, in this moment. Death is the end and the beginning of a new life, forgetting your last!! Our souls are the hairs on Gods head, we are points of attention in the sea of consciousness (God)!!! Our life and ego are 3D living books and our bodies are vessels to travel around in . Our soul ( the observer)does not know what's going to happen in the 3D living book (reality) but becomes the main character in the story !!!! Earth is a theater where souls role play. Then again I might be wrong!!!!

  3. Been a few years. I still recall our talk me and ceil the more we talked the he became real to me in my mind . Part one at work found out later rail road ran on the property in the sixty than Norfolk and western railroad now Norfolk and southern railroad the year of his death was 1962 is worked on coal car had word with two white guys there pushed of car fell to his death . I think the wheels cut him in half does death. He said doing our metal conversation “ my name is Ceil " Ceil Am Jim " doing the conversation I started to see a image of his face in my mind dark skin male grey top side of fro . Wide nose . In last year I have awaken to the feeling of a older woman in house dress watching me . A young blonde hair boy dying in Virginia Beach Virginia but Ceil is only one I talked to . Feel my brother with me daily lol sometimes I wish my kid brother spirit would give me some privacy. Donald died June twenty four 1964 Am two years older still miss him . Nevertheless it a comforting knowing he with

  4. So the asleep (they are not dead, their soul lives either in Heaven or hell depending of numerous factors, they are dead only if they do not make the 2nd Judgement, Which is The final, will reach the lake of fire where they will be dead: not inexistent but God is absent, you do not have God in You anymore and the results of that are satan, his demons, those off them, made by them and generated by them, while at humans they will be immortal but prone to pain, while those who get in The City of God are invulnerable and live an eternally happy life with God, while those in the fire will live with satan in eternal death – absence of God: torment, evil etc – Read Isaiah 66 and rev 20 for the lake of fire) if they are in Heaven: if it is by The Will of God for them to visit someone or a dear one of them on earth He will send them so that They may help that person, doing The Will of God by His Grace: Search about Saint Menas and Other Saints From Heaven Who helped people here.
    And people that are asleep can be saved if they fell in hell:
    GOD CAN SAVE PEOPLE THAT DID NOT GO TO HEAVEN. SOULS CANNOT DIE, TO BE DEAD MEANS TO NOT HAVE GOD/SEPARATE FROM GOD AND THAT HAPPENS ONLY AFTER THE 2ND JUDGEMENT, in the lake of fire, but OTHERWISE PEOPLE CAN BE SAVED FROM hell: 1 Samuel 2:6 (OJB – right one on this verse, the rest got corrupted) 6 Hashem bringeth mot, and maketh chayyim; He bringeth down to Sheol, and raiseth up.

  5. One visit for me years ago when I was young. My grandmother died on my 30th birthday. There is always the thought she is just gone, dissolved into the sea or whatever. At that time I was attempting to learn the truth. One night I had a lucid dream, and left with great reluctance I was shown my Grand Mother. There she was without glasses and not looking like my grandmother. She also seemed a bit annoyed I was there. I asked her where her glasses were. She said before 1945, I never wore glasses. Later I asked an aunt about Grammie, she said " You know she never wore glasses before about time your were born."

  6. That's sad YouTube trying to shut you guys down what did you say wrong YouTube don't want to nobody was spiritual meaning our spiritual contact speak their mind that's a sad I wonder what YouTube want to stick look at oh let me guess the channel Fox News

  7. I dreamt I was on the phone with my late husband on the other side and I tried to ask questions about what it was like there and he answered. We trusted each other completely.

    I couldn't hear what his answers were because the line got static. Then when he was done answering I could hear him talking again.

  8. I thought this looks all interesting until i heard the word God mentioned then i realize its just bible bashing and its no longer based on any scientific evidence of life after death but based only on faith, this is where i reach for the mouse and click.. bye bye

  9. I remember when I was a little girl my grandma was really sick in the last time I saw my grandma alive was on dialysis I don't remember the year but I remember the day it was June 13th it was on a Friday God told me my grandma was going to die the first time my grandma almost died and I had to get on my hands and knees and she lives but this last time she was going to die he told me this before it happens I love my grandma so much and I never forgot about her and I was in a car accident I fell asleep and my grandma to answer me and she said I never left you that meant a lot to me

  10. I had an out of life experience and my spirit guide (an hundreds of yrs. old )
    American Indianspoke to me and I was at 9/10/2011 at midnight and an african 8 ft tall woman told me about thousands of
    angels were gathered here at the towers to catch them. She left and was nowhere. She said I already knew what was to happen, I need to talk about this.

  11. 🤔I don't know why this came up in my feed but I'm so happy it did.🤗 I get dreams from my aunt and best friend that have passed🙄 They have warned me of men cheating,illness and some things I still be confused about😐😏😍😮😒😦😒😊. Call that what you want but things did reveal itself🙏 It seems I dream more when others say they don't even remember or have dreams🤔. I wake up and call someone and write it down🤣. I truly believe someone that I love is trying to connect with me😇 1 thing I don't do is obsess over it, It just happen freely❤❤❤❤

  12. Interesting that separate modern research into Near Death Eexperience (by Raymond moody), reincarnation (by Ian Stevenson) and past lives regression (by Brian Weiss) all show that human consciousness survive death, we live many lives and how we live our lives is more important than who we pray to. So avoid evil, do good and purify ourselves spiritually.

  13. My dad died in 2003 and hours before he passed away, he said to my mom, 'there's a woman planting a small bush'. He was in his hospital bed. I interpret it as 'new life'. I believe that he was getting ready to start a new existence. Am I right or does it mean something else?

  14. My take on the whole thing is that it's very difficult to communicate and most humans aren't paying enough attention. I'm sensitive to things and when my grandfather passed, he outright told me he was alright but missed his wife (she couldn't hear him apparently or ignored him, they were Christians). He even moved his bedroom door a couple days after passing (opened it then closed it). When my grandmother passed not too long after, they both came to me and told me they were fine and happy to be reunited again, but had to go. Wished me well, then left singing (they loved to sing together when they were younger. It still makes me tear up thinking about it. I have some regrets concerning them. The last thing my grandfather told me when he was alive was "Couldn't you stay a little longer?". I should have stayed a little longer. He passed just a few days later. I miss him greatly, same with my grandmother. I have no idea where they are now but at least they're together.

  15. My dad died Nov 22 2016 from Lukemia. I took care of him for a year and also 3 weeks on his death bed all by myself. I blamed myself for not being able to protect him from certain things for months after his death. I had no doubt he was going to heaven. He was a true Christian man. But I was grieving way too much . I had a woman I didn't even know come in where I worked . We talked a little , then she said to me , I have one word for you..I said ok..she said Joe ..I looked at her and said twice that is my dad. What about Joe ? She said I'm not sure..I think I'm suppose to tell you he's alright..He's ok …We both starred crying. She said people have told her she has a gift. I said well you definitely do. She had NO clue of my dad's name there was no way. I wanted to run outside and scream to the world ..GOD TALKED TO ME !! Do you think that was God ? Or my dad ? This was such a blessing to help me and to say Stop blaming yourself..he's ok so just stop !

  16. I happen to come this video , while curious and tying afterlife on youtube . Sad my dad just pass away on 18/07/2018 . The last time I seem him is at hospital on Monday which is 16. I still remember he ask for a cup of cold milk, so I asked the nurse for it. My dad drank finish , using straw. In fact my dad has been in and out Hospital , his lungs is getting bad due to smoking. Doc does " hint " me is dangerous to operate on him since he already in his 74 , and if he happen come back to hospital, they just do the same treatment , antibiotics , suck the water from the lungs. The last he came back home at least stay with me and my mum is year 2017 . May 2017 he go Nursing home because his body is weak and has to wear adult diaper , kinda he is too weak weak around , so they give diapers let him wear. From May to this year july2017 , every Sunday I will go Nursing home visit him. Is kinda sad , I cannot bring him back home because he is too weak able to walk long etc , and happen in and out go Hospital. His death cert stated " Other bacterial pneumonia " when get the death cert. . Now come to this video , I was curious , if people say reborn isn't he/she become new person ? past memory erased? If, they still remind the same , memory still there aka They know u are his son, wife , when we RIP will we be united as family again? I open to any spiritual stuffs just that , still a mystery. Perhaps my dad just passed away haven't reach 7 days yet. which most folks feel they will come back after 7 days they have dead. Now is a tough time to me. I do cry once a while , trying to tell myself, keep telling myself At least my dad if free from illness , no need to keep lying on the bed , using those tube to breath but I still will be in tears , once a while. blaming myself why never take care of him well when he still around and I do know his lunge is getting bad. My dad death wake all I handle myself. I kinda feel my mum just " act tough " but insider her heart must be sad., she never involve my dad wake. I know is not she don't want , perhaps she don't want to get sad etc " just avoid " . Sorry for the long comment here. Now perhaps my duty is take care my mum , dad already not around now left me and my mum. Hope when I RIP , I will untied with them again as living human right here, we just suspected , is it real or what? a lot debate , which I claim if afterlife , reborn isn't we become a new people will not recall any past life memory , OR even we never reborn , we are spirit go another world , Will we be untied , stick with the same family? when RIP?

  17. once you die that's it. what benefit will a dead person have communicating with us? Evil spirits are real and are the biggest deceivers. Test every spirit don't believe every spirit.

  18. Here you go.. kabalah iis the same book of the Egyptian mystisism they are the teachings of the secrets societies .. Read the bible Christ "i did not come here for the jews for there father is satan" Christ "to enter the kindom of my father you have to be like little childen".. thunder actuality is the biggest regulatory system we have its whats keep the Schumann resonense.. Good and evil does not exist … you yourself are the good or evil.. what is good what is evil? What they indoctrinated you at school with.. God "do not judge lest ye be judged" you can not speak to them because you are not pure like a child you have no love Christ"Forgive them Father for they do not know" he asks for our forgiveness and he gets killed .. pSt Paul chopped of one of the Romans right ear Christ"No stpp just promise me you will keep my command" Love . Why the right ear your right brain is the cardinal mind..
    Why did Christ come because to reveal the truth just like your government controls you ps The Vatican Zionists That is how they wrre controlling lying to the people trll miss truth.. Christ " the kindom of heaven is within you and outside of you" .. Everything you have ever known bar half truth and lies and no freedom that is why he Christ will come again. That is because no one cares about one another and greed like they were buying and selling in the holly place. Christ"Oh ye of little faith" .. so maybe if we had more faith we will get shown things..
    May The Father in Heaven bless you all much love

  19. I have heard from my mother twice, and smelled flowers on my front porch the day before my half-sister died, and a vistation from my grandfather one time. Nothing from my dad or my husband. My dad came to my mom and my half-sister but never has to me. Dad and I were unusually close and had such a special connection. I think he came to my mom and half-sister because he needed to, for their sake. I had no need as he had suffered four years and although I grieved, my grief was one of easy acceptance because I knew he was freed from his suffering. Dad knew how strong I was so I feel that he hasn't come to me because I do not need that validation from him. I already know how special I was to him. I haven't heard from my husband who literaaly dropped dead from a massive heart attack while I was at church. I found him in full rigor. It will be 12 yrs August 26, and no word. However, this may intrest some of you. A few years after his death, I started having bad dreams. He and I would be in the house and he would be telling me he didn't think he wanted to be married anymore. I would wake up just sobbing because it felt so real and hurt so much. This has happened about 5 times and I keep praying the dreams will stop so that I din't have to hear him tell me it IS over. But, it IS over. That is the kicker. Dreams from not dealing completely with his sudden death? Probably. Any thoughts?

  20. We have been taught one way through word of mouth or through religion that the soul lives on with those seeking to have more opportunities to be with the dead longer. Those who have lost loved ones in death, still miss the person they knew. young woman grieving in cemetary. They still long for contact and guidance from the one who has died. In a desperate attempt to communicate beyond the grave, many turn to séances, trances, Ouija boards and mediums to contact the dead. The loving heavenly Father sought to protect His children from this danger. He clearly warned:

    "The living know that they shall die:
    but the dead know not anything."
    (Ecclesiastes 9:5)

    Because there is no soul-life after death, any communication in any form claiming to be from a dead person, actually comes from a demon. Satan's fallen angels are capable of perfectly impersonating the dead. How the person looked, how he walked, the sound of his voice, his exact handwriting, knowledge of personal secrets, recollection of private history – all can be perfectly imitated by a demon. The relationship between husband and wife, parent and child, friend and relative can be used by demons to entice a person to reach out to the dead. The love the living still feel for the one who has died is manipulated by demons trying to gain an opening to the mind. Encounters with demons posing as dead loved ones are extremely addictive. They feel exhilarating, exciting and life changing. Such out-of-the-ordinary encounters with demons offer the illusion of hope, comfort and "proof" that the loved one is still present.

    Don't be deceived but be watchful. Some are used to deceive the mass by sowing evil to those who are already grieving and lost. Find comfort in God through Jesus Christ.

  21. when dad was on his death bed, he wanted all of us to be present, but older brother kept on not coming home as he said he was busy, so one day on a friday, dad said "I'm leaving on Sunday because others have already gone and I was supposed to have gone with today's group so definitely I will have to go with those leaving on Sunday, and indeed he died peacefully on sunday

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