What matters in Spirituality – Your Effort or Grace? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru looks at the difference between doing spiritual sadhana and allowing another dimension of Grace to function. He explains that while action easily finds recognition in society, it is also a limited process. Even a simple task like baking bread also requires equal parts of doing and allowing things to happen.


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/what-matters-in-spirituality-your-effort-or-grace/

Sadhguru: This is… This is something that people have been struggling with for ages, because these are two different types… these are two different dimensions of one’s existence. About… These two dimensions are about doing something, making something happen and allowing something to happen to you. These are two different aspects. So now the question is, ‘Which is more, which is less? Can I do it all or there is nothing I can do, I have to just allow it?’ If you’re capable of just allowing it that would be very good for you, but if you are the kind who just allows things to happen to you, do not expect people around you to understand anything about you because they will not understand. People around you cannot understand what it means to allow. Doing is something that they understand, but doing is a limited possibility and doing is a very laborious process. It’s like, if I want to bake bread, how much of it do you do, how much of it do you allow? There is an equal proportion of both. If you do not knead it hard enough, if you do not work to load the oven properly, if you do not set the right temperatures, which is all your doing, it’s not going to happen. But if you’re not willing to allow, that you’re willing to close it and simply sit there like a pregnant woman, yes, if you do not know how to bake bread, it is as complicated as bearing a child. Yes? You have to sit there and wait. If you are too much of a doer, you want to open every few moments and look at it, you will not have bread, you will have something else.

This goes for baking breads, growing a plant, bringing up a child or bringing yourself up, which is you’re realizing is the hardest task (Laughs), that if you want to bring yourself up, there’s a certain amount of striving and doing on your part to be done. Without allowing, it will be an extraordinarily difficult process and incomplete process for a very long time to come, so both are needed. If both have entered your life at the same time, you must consider yourself to be an extremely fortunate human being, whether you understand the fortune or not, because there are people, who for lifetimes are just doing without grace being available to them. There are people who are just waiting for grace to happen, not doing anything, because they do not know what to do, doing their own little things without doing the right kind of thing to become open to the process. So, these two kind of people exist everywhere in the world. Some are waiting for gods to do things for them; some are trying to do everything by themselves. You are an extremely fortunate human being if action and receptivity both have come into your life at the same time; that you know how to perform action – everything that you can do you will do, but you have the sense and the gracefulness to sit and wait for that which you cannot do.

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/what-matters-in-spirituality-your-effort-or-grace/


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18 thoughts on “What matters in Spirituality – Your Effort or Grace? | Sadhguru

  1. at a certain point i decided to be just allowing. i simply went along with everything that opened up for me. my kids took advantage of it, they requested things which they could do on their own. and because i was very determined to taste that way of being available and alowing i would do it. on the other hand i was aware that this way i am not raising them properly. my mind was not peaceful. there was a resistance there about going all the way. until i learned how to say no. it was a no that came from the peaceful mind… just no… because they expected me to be unconditionally available they were furious and angry. but i said peacefully no and let them express their feelings. my peace was solid

  2. "If you are capable of just allowing it, that would be very good for you. But, if you are the kind who just allows things to happen to you, do not expect people around you to understand anything about you, because they will not understand". (1:14)

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