What is meditation and how can you truly experience it with Isira?

Meditation is often misunderstood in the spiritual arena.

It’s seen as a way to control the mind by forcing it to be quiet. But this isn’t true meditation or meditation in the way that Isira teaches it…

See what people are saying about the way they have experienced meditation with Isira, as taught by Isira.


“The breathing techniques are simple, deep, profound and state shifting and it’s from this simple practice that true connection to self and awareness of being can be experienced.
Thanks for a weekend I didn’t know I needed yet clearly did.” -Kate P.

“There is heartfelt gratitude to have experienced the microcosm and macrocosm through aspects of meditation. Quite a lot has been read in books but never implemented. It comes to Life when it is experienced and confirmed in the Being, as it was today.” -Betty C.

“I’d tried meditating with different methods and teachers over the years, but couldn’t see what the “big deal” was. Then after a month of meeting Isira and meditating using one of her guided meditations, I could meditate… something unexplainable happened… and it’s become deeper and deeper ever since. It’s not really something I ‘do’… it’s much more than that.” -Lorene B.


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