What is Falun Gong and Why is it Persecuted? | China Uncensored

July 20 marks the anniversary of the CCP’s persecution of the Falun Gong, or Falun Dafa, qigong meditation practice. In 1999, then leader of China Jiang Zemin declared the Party must eradicate Falun Gong? But why? What really is Falun Gong? On this episode of China Uncensored, the truth will be revealed.

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36 thoughts on “What is Falun Gong and Why is it Persecuted? | China Uncensored

  1. Imagine coming up with the healthiest thing for both physical and mental health as well as world peace…. but you're stuck in China where anything good is destroyed :/

  2. Your Excellency, President D. TRUMP,
    In China, over the past decades, the former Chinese  president Jiang Zemin 江澤民 and the Chinese communists have brutally repressed Falun Gong, a peaceful practice for health and moral improvement, not harmful to anyone. They arrest, torture, imprison, kill and harvest their body organs for commercialized transplantation. Their crimes are unmaginable in our civilized world. Please use your power to intervene and stop the Chinese barbaric action immediately . Thank you very much!

    阁下,总统D. TRUMP,
    在中国,过去几十年来,Jiang Zemin 江澤民 残酷镇压法轮功,这是一种健康和道德改善的和平实践,对任何人都无害。他们逮捕,惩罚,监禁,杀害和收获他们的身体器官进行商业化移植。他们的罪行在我们的文明世界是不可想象的。请立即用你的力量介入并制止这种中国野蛮行为。非常感谢你!

  3. tried fallun gong , for 10-15 days i gotten in a rabbit hole really wicked stuff happened in that time , seems i had/have lots of karma to pay off , couldnt make it through it was all too tough , its freakin real and thats the bad thing especially if u do it alone without any guidance , my chi energy was through the roof but man it was wicked , i was in advanced calisthenics one arm pullups , finger planches and such , the first 2 exercises where excrusiating to do … yeah i know wicked stuff , master lee has gone in places no man of our time has gone u can tell it by the way he speaks , i just try to be a bit more true , compationate and try to find something to sympathise with everyone

  4. Well, I am Chinese. I can not verify whether the contents you said is true or not. But I am sure you deliberately did not say the harmful part of fagonglun to people.

  5. Even though these people are persecuted, you have to remember that this is an extremist cult, who think that race mixing, homosexuality, and medicine are impure. The leader says he is from another dimension and that those who are impure will die. Despite what western media will tell you, this is a cult, not a spiritual movement.

  6. Well now i wonder if it just the government's alibi to get good organs for harvest. After falun gong, there is muslim community in xinjiang as next target of organ harvesting. Of course with a different alibi, just to get healthy organ to trade to the rich and sick. Whatta strategy, china

  7. Wow. You know  sometimes I miss this China uncensored that was true investigative reporting (or archive digging) as opposed to the random China bashing it's kinda become. This is so much more potent. So much more critical to dismantling the illusion than most of the newer videos. it shows the political system itself as one of courtship intrigue rather than anything remotely republican or even marxist leninist and thus shatters the illusion of the partys infallible nature, exposing it as a hypocritical, ad hoc structure of nepotists and sociopaths used to gain power over any idealist or even ideologue.

    You don't take down this corrupt entity by applying liberal notions to China but by exposing the leaderships hypocricy to even their own.

    It's the same thing but different with how Vice news turned into crap by Corporate hipster version of their original gusto gonzo journalism or how the Simpsons became the family sitcom they were parodying.

  8. Do you know what is Falun Gong? It is not kung fu or qigong. Originally, it is a religion (an evil religion). I was once approached by a Falun Gong priest who told me the story of their god who was actually a normal person. The priest told me that the god can fly in the sky and can do miracle. He said I must sacrifice myself for the god and the god would give me eternal life. Do you believe in this? I called the police and he ran away. That's why China bans Falun Gong. After they left China, they turn to be a qigong thing and hide their original state. The West just uses all those that are banned in China to act against China. I do think that one day the West would suffer. It's because they hold all evils in their countries.

  9. This is like a gay retarded version of John Oliver. Your video was barely informational and I could've learned more of you spent less time making lame jokes because non of them where funny I got 5 minutes in and had to click off the video.

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