What If You Stopped Eating?

What happens to your body without food?
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Written by: Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit

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46 thoughts on “What If You Stopped Eating?

  1. That's not how it works. Muscle doesn't break down after ketosis. In fact, it's better to eat nothing at all for a week, than eating very little for a month. Even for muscles.

  2. In one of the days,I got an illness in which i started vomiting daily.I lost my taste of food.I started eating less at that time.when I started eating less,I started getting extremely tired.I was barely awake.At most times,I felt sleepy.I wasn’t even able to study.

  3. This completely depends on how much fat is in your body if you have a lot of excess fat fasting is a great way to break that down after the first few day you will begin to stop being hungry, agitated, ect. Humans were meant to feast and eat a lot and then go days without eating your brain should not feel impaired while fasting

  4. So if I fast for 72 hours I will loose fat and keep my muscle? Someone please reply as I am planning to try very soon but I want to keep my muscles

  5. I’ve taken antidepressants since 7th grade (I’m now in 11th) and they make my appetite almost nonexistent, and I’ve recently been out on another medication which also has side affects of low appetite 😂 I sincerely wish I could eat a whole pizza. I barely remember what hunger feels like and I have to schedule my meals. I make sure I eat lots of carbs, salts and sugars with my little meals so I don’t get sick from hypoglycaemia which I also have 💯👌🏻🔥. Loving life EDIT as a result of little hunger my bra size dropped from a 32B to a 36A. And my pants are getting big

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