What helped my broken bones heal faster?

HGH helps you heal bone injuries. Sleep helps you secrete it but so does exercise. Exercise is one of nature’s natural ways of secreting Human Growth Hormone, which is beneficial to healing bone injuries! Therefore, if you have a broken, let’s say tibia, and can’t exercise that area, then simply exercise another working part of the body until that injury is stable. The whole body gets the benefit!


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  1. what if excersise isn't a part of your daily routine? I can't imagine starting now would do me any good with a broken ankle.. I just want to get back on my feet and back to work…

  2. sir, my 2 bone was broke on my left leg last march 17 2017, but was have successful operation, but sometimes I feel hurt like a bite of ant, is it normal? I'm 23 age how does it long to heal? but I do exercise and take my medicine and drinking anlene. thank you

  3. I fell in my mom and dad's kitchen. Easter Sunday after church. My dad called EMS, they came, said most likely a really bad sprain/tendon damage, but not broken. I told them over and over something is shifting inside. I couldn't get up at all. They said I could go to emergency, or Go to an Urgent Care. They carried me to my Mom's car. My mom drove me to Urgent care. After Really Painful x-rays, Dr came and said Definitely Severely Broken, and Yes will need surgery with Pins, bolts, screws for Right Ankle. I screamed Bloody murder in the office when they set my ankle and lower leg into a Soft Cast. I was in that soft cast for a Week. Obtained an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon who did my Bilateral Total Knee Replacement surgeries October 21, 2015. He confirmed a severe Spiral Tibia and Fibula Break into the middle of ankle. Then had to wait another 1/2 week. Had Surgery Monday April 24, 2017. Prep at 11:00 Surgery at 1:00. Mom came in to see me at like 6:00p. I have 5 pins on outer bone and 8 pins on inner bone and A Plate. Mom stayed the night with me in the hospital. I have yet to know what my incision sites look like, as well as where they are or how large they are. New X-rays May 9th, and get to see everything as well as get first Hard cast. I have a couple questions, what exercises can I do while have cast on to improve strength. and second does the Tingly feeling in the foot go away soon? Thank You. Jennifer.

  4. hey I broke my ulna about more than a month ago. Got my cast removed and I can fully extend my arm unlike before when my cast was first removed. Question is, do I need to exercise my fractured arm or the other parts of the body?

  5. Question a piece of my bone fell off my finger in MMA doctor said i can take the splint off ina week , when should i start bending my finger i can bend it quite far but its a lil difficult doesn't really hurt. but its been 2 weeks should i start i already did or should i let it heal it alil more. or what. whn i bend it i don't force it to the point im killing myself jus a lil at a time and ideas , i don't have a doctor so I can't ask them for help.

  6. it has been 1 year I broken tibia and fibula bone in an accident.. but still my bone didn't healed completely and am getting pain at broken spot and at ankle while walking and there is slight sweeping over the broken area. what to do to heal my bone quickly and how do I reduce my pain at d ankle ?? the screws over the ankle are removed and the long nail is still in my leg with a screw at knee. what should I do to heal my leg completely and to reduce pain at ankle while walking ???

  7. hi i just had surgery for a broken tubia/fibula on Thanksgiving the 24th of November so just a 4 days ago. what can i do the first few days/weeks? how did u manage simple task? is it normal not to be able to lift my leg to the bed? its amazing how u recovered so fast just want advice on how you strengthen your leg so fast the first couple of days

  8. Just wondering if you have any advice for me. I broke my tibia a few inches above my ankle on September 19th, so two months ago. I did not need surgery because it was a clean break and aligned, but also because I'm pregnant and doctor wanted to avoid surgery anyway. I was in a full leg cast for 6 weeks. Now I'm in a shorter leg cast below my knee and can weight bear as tolerated. I still use crutches when I walk. I've tried to without but I have a horrible limp and I can't tell if it's just from having on the cast or if I've lost a lot of muscle in my leg. Maybe both? I requested to begin physical therapy but my doctor said it wasn't necessary. I feel that it absolutely is, I mean I'm really not even sure I remember how to walk correctly. I'm now 7 months pregnant so I have to be careful with exercising, but do you suggest anything? What kind of exercises can I do to help strengthen my muscles and build the bones back together? I get this cast off next week and will be given a fracture brace.

  9. Peter, thank you so much for sharing your experience! It's been a big help. After being on crutches for about 14 weeks from a tib and fib fracture, I was able to bear 100% this week. I was doing fine with a bit of pain more so in the ankle. Now, I'm having a lot of pain where the fracture happened. Did you experienced some of this? Thank you! & God bless!

  10. Peter, thank you so much for sharing your experience! It's been a big help. After being on crutches for about 14 weeks from a tib and fib fracture, I was able to bear 100% this week. I was doing fine with a bit of pain more so in the ankle. Now, I'm having a lot of pain where the fracture happened. Did you experienced some of this? Thank you! & God bless!

  11. Be careful though because exercising after a fracture occurs can cause non union that's why doctors tell you to take it ways for a while but usually after 4-6 weeks after the fracture you should exercise because the fracture gap is most likely filled with woven bone(weak bone) and exercising helps woven bone turn into lamellar bone and heal faster

  12. I fractured a vetrabe just like tony romo, I've been juicing and extra calcium and what not. I stopped having inter course or EJ and like you advised I tried my hardest to do very controlled precise movements and keep the work out regimen I even started meditating never tried it I said Fk what i got to loose I'm chanting and humming like and idiot I'm 32 what can I do to work out with my spine the way it is

  13. i have a jones fracture in my left foot and I've been a starting running back on varsity since sophomore year (freshman year i broke my leg too smh). i have colleges recruiting me too this year!anyways i was put in a walking boot on august 7th and luckily i haven't given up because the doc said i should always try to move around, get on a stationary bike, stuff like that ya know. and the 2nd week i went a lil overboard by literally trying to walk on my foot but i put it back in a boot and just have been swimming and lifting and still going to football practice just to watch of course. I'm so glad to to watch your vid bc i have been doing the stuff you have been saying this whole time. hopefully i can be out of this boot sept. 7th and not have to wait another 2 weeks and waste 3/4 of my season..

  14. I broke my tib and fib Jan 17 of 2016 and my process of healing is going really slow according to doc. it was a really bad break my bone came out the back and destroyed my calf muscle I have a video u guys are more then welcome to see will start eating better and exercising more now

  15. i eat spirulin workout take oral HGH magnesium and no alchochol or sugars + I am22 and use oil for treatment. My toe is fakin broken….and faking broken it is.

  16. Bleh, this is Bro Science. If you work one part of the body to release HGH, it's not like the HGH will target other parts of the body which need healing….. That broken bone is already sending out signals for the body to release whatever it needs to help it heal…… This is such simple logic, just because you "work out your biceps" to release HGH, it's not like the body is going to release so much extra HGH to work on other parts of the body…….. There are NO studies on this….. Exercise is good just for general internal function but that's about it…… A person with a broken bone has a crazy caloric need, up to 6,000 calories a day while bed ridden even (so i read), eating a lot is crucial to healing.

    SOURCES: Just spent 8 months STRAIGHT in hospital for a broken Ulna, Femur, Tibia, Fibula, and crush fracture of the 1st Metatarsal….. Spoke with a million different doctors.

  17. I know this isn't as bad as other people's injuries but i have a broken toe the one next to my pinky toe what should i do to help it heal faster PLEASE REPLY I NEED HELP

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