What are qualities needed in a married person? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Talk in Hindi (HD Quality)

What are qualities needed in a married person? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers in Hindi (HD Quality)

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16 thoughts on “What are qualities needed in a married person? – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Talk in Hindi (HD Quality)

  1. Folks…lets not be sinners by using abusive language on this forum even if the intention is to correct an ignorant guy. All we should do is just pray for him and people like him because its not his fault. Dirt and Filth is all that he has been exposed to till date. So just pray for them, we are not here to account for what is right or wrong. JGD! Rejoice because we are Lucky to be an enlightened bunch and a part of AOL family.

  2. [04:00] That is why it is said in the “Rudrabhishek” chanting done for Shiva – “vanchatay parivanchatay sthayunaam pataye namo namah” meaning – the cheat and the bigger cheat, you (Lord Shiva) are the lord of these people also. Salutations to You. That means He became Lord of everyone – Lord of thieves, criminals, cheats. You are lord of everyone, salutations to you.

  3. Police, lawyer, judge and jailor. Four kinds of people got their employment because of a thief (Guruji laughs) Its happening because of a thief. If there is no thief, no corrupt person, these four kinds of people will die of hunger. There is one more, the school which trains the lawyers, the teachers of law, lawyer, jailor, police, judge – the livelihood of so many depends on a thief. So should we respect the thief or not?

  4. When we become “nivritt” we say ‘everything will be alright, the corrupt will be punished, God will set it right, saying this we become “nivritt” into ourself. Then you feel it ok. [02:26] They also have their role to play. The thief has his role in society. See how one thief gives employment to so many police. Because of one thief, police has a job, lawyer has a job, judge has a job, jailor has a job, the staff working in the jail.How many people have got involved?

  5. In the same way when you become “nivritt’ you leave everything and become contended. You feel – everything is alright, God is taking care, don’t have to do anything. [01:48] You must fight against corruption, that is “pravritti”. But worrying about corruption mind should not get corrupt, should not get filled with turmoil, should not become sad, should not get restless, then we will be of no use

  6. [01:00] In this both “pravritti” and “nivritti” happen. “pravritti” means work; when you work you say ‘this is not ok’, ‘that is not ok’ ‘how do we set it right?’ [01:15] And during “nivritti”, meaning when you stop the work and become still, when you become free from the work, then…like when you come back from office, you take off your coat and shoes and keep it aside. You don’t go around the house with shoes on. As soon as you come home you take off your shoes

  7. Guruji: [00:12] Contentment, every moment feel contented and do your work also. [00:24] See, these two are two different ends of life, two opposite ends. When we are contented we just sit quietly and don’t feel the need to work, that’s how we think. And if we’re working it’s because we want something, there is no contentment there. No, both should be there. We should work also and feel contentment also. This is the most important thing in life.

  8. its an inappropriate way of replying some1…u shudnt fall 2 that level.. he does not even know that ther r muslims and other religion ppl already living this knowledge provided by guruji….he does not even know what kind of contribution this swiss bank of love has done 2 ppl around the world and he isnt aware of aols contributions 2 iraq, afghanistan, other east asian muslim dominated countries…is he getting money from iraq, afghanistan 4 doing the work aol has done there

  9. when u havnt met or seen some1 how can u comment on it??…yes i agree hes a swiss bank of pure love, compassion, beauty…if only u cud understand what that person is…anywe i dont blame u…this is ur ignorance…i'd suggest u to research and meet him…then share ur experience

  10. @ Khan Barkat–1) seems you are well experienced about GAYS!!!
    2). If you can't draw anything good don't ever try to utter such Fucking WORDS..
    3). Just wondering if he is been any Fakir baba would you have used the same words?
    4). Know about HIM and then dare to comment!!

  11. These kind of baba's are local swiss banks of india …they keep all the black money as a donation and have a great political support…these teachings can impress someone but this guy seems like bottom gay to me

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