Weired Tips to Get Pregnant Fast – PERFECT TIMING for Ovulation & Intercourse

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Perfect Timings and Tips for Successful Ovulation & Intercourse. GET PREGNANT FASTER!

The PROVEN Intercourse Timing Strategy is explained at 3:30

In this episode we share with you:

1. WHY 15% of couples have fertility problems
2. Lots of TIPS to help you get pregnant
3. HOW long you should try to conceive
4. WHY exercising is important
5. WHAT foods to eat & HOW + WHY to balance your diet
6. HOW to track ovulation
7. HOW TO EACTLY time your intercourse around ovulation
8. HOW to work with your partner
9. WHICH top nutrients to focus on for your fertility

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How Male Fertility Nutrients Increase Sperm Count Naturally

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29 thoughts on “Weired Tips to Get Pregnant Fast – PERFECT TIMING for Ovulation & Intercourse

  1. Could i get pregnant if i had sex the day before I ovulate then days later. because i done it on a Tuesday then i had my ovulation on Wednesday and i had also had spotting that day?? Am I pregnant

  2. Telling people to eat fish is irresponsible, considering how polluted virtually all waters are. The mercury in fish is highly poisonous and women should abstain from eating fish for at least a year before trying to get pregnant

  3. Hi doc! I would like to ask ur opinion about our situation. We've been married for 12yrs & still no kids. According to the lab tests & other procedures, I'm perfectly okay. The problem is with my hubby's sperm morphology, it's only 3%. My question can I still get pregnant naturally? He is already taking vitamins for a year. I'm 31 & he's 39 yrs old.

  4. This clip reminds me of a question that I've always shied away from asking for fear of it sounding too inappropriate to ask. But considering the topic at hand, here goes anyway… Does longer or shorter intercourse have a direct affect on what your future offspring will look like – if they'll end up looking more like you or your partner? Because it just piques my curiosity whenever I see a kid who happens to look a lot more like one parent, but almost nothing at all like the other. Which makes me wonder if child resemblance has anything to do with just how long sexual intercourse normally lasts between a couple. Like for instance, if Male A normally ejaculates about twice as much as Male B during sexual intercourse, will that increase the chances that Male A's future child will look more like himself? And conversely, will ejaculating very little during sexual intercourse increase the chances that the kid will end up looking more like the mom instead?

  5. Very good and full of information video. I am forever looking for anything helpful and tricks to hand on to my women's struggling so much trying to conceive in their 40's. I work with a lot of gals with all kinds of problems struggling to concieve naturally. Thanks for posting this.

  6. im 29 and im trying to get pregnant before i turned 30 i dont know if it's tru or not but a friend told me it's harder to get pregnant around that age? I already have 2 boys but my husband wants to try for the girl

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