WARNING: Out of Body Experience, high state of meditation, very deep.

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This is a deep delta meditation. For those wishing an OBE please research first or don’t don’t do it, otherwise treat this as a wonderful meditative experience. Relax, still the mind and go into it with no expectations. Happy meditating!
For those of you who wish to MEDITATE: * Sit with straight back and close your eyes. * Put one hand inside the other on your lap with thumbs touching. * Concentrate on the tip of your nose. * Breath in calmly. Breathe out calmly. * Feel that energy is coming into your body bringing the knowledge you want. *Concentrate on your breathing and perhaps the area of your third eye. *Enjoy!
This session ramps slowly down to the deepest Delta levels. It actually reaches below 0.5 Hz (0.45 Hz) which is associated with extraordinary states of consciousness, high states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness, high-level inspiration states, spiritual insight and out-of-body experiences.
Further information:
Some people using this session may fall asleep, since it resembles the sleep induction sessions. It differs from sleep induction in that there is an upward ramp at the end to help bring you out of the Delta state before the session is completed.
Note that this session uses binaural beats with deep relaxation music with the back ground sound of rain.
Use this session in a quiet, comfortable place, free of distraction, in a chair or lying down. After starting the session, close your eyes and relax.
Headphones are required.
During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.
This is not a replacement for medical treatment.
• If you suffer from epilepsy
• Or are taking medicine or drugs, then seek advice from your medical practitioner prior to using.
• If you are a pregnant woman (“But the reason we don’t outrightly recommend binaural beats to pregnant women is because this natural science is yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulated governing body.
So in short, we need to protect ourselves against getting sued by any pregnant woman who might claim that an unrelated pregnancy problem was related to listening to our binaural beats. It’s as simple as making sure we stay on the right side of the law.”https://www.binauralbeatsmeditation.com/is-it-safe-to-use-binaural-beats-during-pregnancy/
• Or you have a pacemaker (electrical interference)
• Or are under 16 (brains still developing…may have a seizure)
• Or are prone to seizures
please do not play this soundtrack.
Please note: The music here is produced uniquely by me using technology and royalty free music under licence from Transparent Corporation –
The photo is with permission and under licence from http://photodune.net
Further information:
Binaural Beats:


33 thoughts on “WARNING: Out of Body Experience, high state of meditation, very deep.

  1. My soul escaped through the nose and came back without knocking through my anus! Feel the burning sensation now. Wow! Powerful expierence.

  2. I had a lucid dream that I was trying to lucid dream but couldn’t so I went to the fridge in my lucid dream and drank some orange juice then I woke up inside my fridge with everything inside it thrown out of it… I’m never doing this again

  3. I tried for 30 minutes and I just felt tingly and I got bored staring into blackness but nothing happened 🙁 it just made me relaxed

  4. I just tried this. I meditated, lying on my back, arms by my side.
    I didn't fall asleep for the entire hour, but there were 2 instances where something happened.
    The first time I believe would've been about 25 minutes into the video. I suddenly felt a jolt of energy in my body and my breath hitched a little. Before that I saw really bright green and blue colours and I just took it in. I felt the energy go through my arms.
    The second time this also happened, but it was for a shorter duration and in the middle of it my lips started twitching, like, seriously twitching for a few seconds.
    Regardless of not falling asleep, (which I already have a hard time doing on back btw) it was a really nice experience and I feel really refreshed now.

  5. I have ptsd and my service dog and I listen to it every night. I have several mental illness and it is hard to go to high school with them in fact I tried to kill myself before hearing this and now that I listened to it I have a better coping ability

  6. I take back everything I said, god bless this meditation experience because I was finally after days of trying to enter sleep paralysis through WILD I was able to do it with this. I must say it doesn’t even feel like heavy pressure on my chest more like a pillow that tingles around my chest and neck. And when I entered sleep paralysis the music ended and I caught myself wondering what do I do now. But I enjoyed it for a bit and decided to learn to wake up from it without freaking out and “falling”. I decided to start with one hand, forcing it to slowly move and then do the same to the other hand then open my eyes and blink and then get up ever so slowly and I was able to come out of it. It left me in slight tingles but it was amazing, nothing scary at ALL no heavy “presence” on my chest. I’m hoping I can do it again tonight during REM sleep so I can use it to enter a lucid dream for once. Thank you for this!!! will use this to meditate daily from now on to increase my chances of a lucid dream through easy sleep paralysis. This is a great start to enter sleep paralysis for those who are afraid of it during the night and want to control it or ease into it. From someone who is terrified of all things scary, the key is to expect the pressure and accept it and associate it with positive vibes.

  7. Seeing my body asleep made me cry to the point I thought I was dead I couldn’t even talk in my dream I just cried and than outta nowhere I fell from my room to the basement and after that I was pulled to my body and woke up I was so scared it was 5 am as soon as I woke up in sweat

  8. BEAUTIFUL MUSIC. Thank you for sharing. We have started a new meditation channel. Hoping to touch many hearts to encourage, empower and heal. It's nice to know tat others on on the same journey. Let's do this together. With much gratitude.

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