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Got a bit emotional during this video, for those of you that follow my Facebook you will have seen a video from last year where I was vulnerable and cried for 3 minutes, being vulnerable is not a weakness it is a strength! At the events my colleagues and I run we encourage people to be vulnerable as a lot of growth can be found there.


When fasting it’s important to remember that food is not the only nutrition going in you body, The words you listen to ,sound frequencies ,radio,people around you,tv, I do not watch much tv at all anyway… The energies you surround yourself with are also nourishing or malnourishing you.

This is why I do a daily mediation blessing the energy centres, You can do this on your own or find a very good guided one by dr Joe Dispenza.

I personally had to work on my throat chakra and root chakras.Although my numerology and human design would suggest that I would be a powerful communicator I had spent a lot of time in my younger years telling lies which over time had slowed down the function of this energy center. After doing some shadow work I found I was still very sacred to get up and speak in front of people and decided that I needed to make a conscious effort to only speak my truth!

That was years ago now and have since become part of a public speaking academy and regained my confidence/unblocked that energy Center🙏

My root chakra needed work to regarding judgement and jealousy,I will go into more detail on this in the video for earthing/grounding.

I will post a second video today to outline how I learned to calm my mind and meditate, as like many people I struggled to do this at first.

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