Vitamin D, Deep sleep & Gut Bacteria w/ Dr. Stasha Gominak

Dr. Stasha Gominak discusses how vitamin D (from the sun) is needed to improve the stability of gut bacteria, which in turn help synthesize B vitamins necessary to facilitate deep sleep.

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02:29 Hundreds of Dr. Gominak’s patients, children, teenagers and young healthy females, didn’t have REM sleep.
04:42 Sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue were not recognized in the 1960s and 1970s, because they were not epidemic.
07:21 Vitamin D and the brain stem are major players in deep sleep.
10:03 You must be paralyzed in order to achieve the proper levels of sleep.
14:21 Why would an 8 year old have more than one sleep disorder?
16:02 There has been a major historical shift from living/working/playing outside.
17:07 Once you replace vitamin D, the body slowly changes from a vitamin D deficient body to a B deficient body.
18:08 While bears hibernate, their microbiome consumes the colonic mucus, which makes all of the B vitamins to meet the bear’s metabolic needs during hibernation. Does ours?
22:05 Why Did It Take 2 Years to Become B Deficient?
23:44 Each B vitamin has an intestinal bacterial source and a food source.
26:02 Wanted: Gut Bugs
31:39 You can fix your own bacteria with vitamin D levels above 40 and take B100 or B50 for 3 months.
32:58 The sodium linked multivitamin transport system pumps 3 vitamins, pantothenic acid, alpha lipoic acid and biotin, into our digestive system and our brain.
36:24 Dr. Gominak sees a correlation between autism and vitamin D deficiency.
38:27 The development of sexual dysmorphism and sleep.
42:34 When a child cannot get out of bed in the morning, this is may be the brain demanding that they go back to sleep to get REM.
44:03 A lack of REM sleep cheats a child of their normal development.
47:15 Children and adults normally make small subtle movements and tiny vocalizations, not talking, walking or falling out of bed.
48:27 Taking the Weston A. Price westernization theory to another level.
56:02 Breastfeeding enlarges nasal passages.
57:28 Dr. Gominak believes that vitamin D is trophic to the bacteria that we are supposed to have in our gut.
59:24 Pantothenic acid not only makes acetylcholine, it makes cortisol.
60:11 Acetylcholine is a chemical used by the vagus nerve.
01:07:46 A test result of pantothenic acid levels will parallel magnesium levels. It tells you what is in the blood, but not what is in the stores.
01:09:10 Perhaps we are completely self-healing with REM sleep.
01:12:26 Dr. Gominak’s Morning Routine
01:13:31 The ketogenic diet helps people to live longer. Being ketogenic during REM sleep helps us repair. We were probably designed to go into ketosis for at least 12 hours every night.
01:15:08 A new theory is that the tricarboxylic acid/CREB cycle, which is used when you are using fats as your energy supply, may have a different purpose. It may not be about making ATP.
0101:19:33 Dr. Gominak’s desert island herb, nutrient or supplement: Her choice is vitamin D, even on a desert island.
01:30:35 Dr. Gominak’s Elevator Pitch: We can impact our children, especially children of color. It they don’t go outside, they don’t make enough vitamin D.


50 thoughts on “Vitamin D, Deep sleep & Gut Bacteria w/ Dr. Stasha Gominak

  1. Would love to read something she wrote on this subject because she is a real doctor who has undergone full medical training not just some thing gained off the internet. She clearly wants to help her patients and has an inquiring mind. She clearly follows great science of constant review of her clients and changes her advice all the time to reflect her updated knowledge she is fabulous. Also you can never prove a hypothesis only disprove it. However my son who has Autism did spend a lot of time outside and we only used sun screen when the sun was intense as he is pale skinned and so I think its not always as put them out in the sun and it will correct, Autism is genetic also

  2. I'm D deficient, Iron deficient, have Fibromyalgia, IBS, Sjogren's Syndrome, GERD. However, my deep sleep is EXTREMELY SHORT. I dont get more than 30-50 mins of deep sleep every night, BUT I dream like crazy! My dreams are extremely vivid, and they seem to last for my entire time sleeping. I dream so much, I feel like it prevents me from sleeping well. I remember all of my dreams as well. I'd love to hear what the Dr. thinks about my situation.

  3. Eating organ meats used to be normal, same with egg yokes. Those have been removed from our diets, and I think a lot of people suffer for it.

  4. She needs a weekly radio talk show! Or tv show . Move over Doctor Oz.
    Awesome brilliant doctor this country needs. Ps. Doesn’t she looks a little like Sally Jessie Ralphael. 😍

  5. M’y son has had learning delays and possible a mild form of autism. He does move around and kick quite a bit while he sleeps.
    He also GRINDS his teeth a lot – loudly. I used to stick my finger between his teeth to try to make him un-clench his jaw.
    Now I think that all this is related to his gut microbiome, vitamin D, Bs, sunshine…
    He was also gluten sensitive – eating gluten would give him rashes on his feet and legs.

  6. What also began in the 1970's was the use of Glyphosate. Dr Zach Bush has a lecture on it where he correlates our modern chronic illnesses to glyphosate's destruction of the microbiome

  7. They wonder why there is an epidemic when you see a mcdonalds every 5 minutes, or just pop into the grocery store and count the artificial crap that are on the shelves….whether you like it or not, you will be forced to eat clean, it is the ONLY way to stay healthy. You want to sleep well start eating healthy and let your body heal itself…

  8. The body is so much more than Vitamins for F sake! As soon as you chew a chemical reaction occurs and enzymes get activated on what food you are eating. The body is more advanced then these dumb so called "scientists" I call them murderers …

  9. Thank you Dr Sasha I had burning hands and feet.GP said Allergy take antihistamine .After six weeks saw Dr again keep taking antihistamine some people take it for six months of the year.Not happy 😫 next morning took apple cider vinegar and honey .Burning stopped ? Thought you might find that interesting .Also was having a sensation of cold water running down my calves ,that also stopped. still have gut issues .Your video has been a real eye opener for me .Thank you so much for all your hard work

  10. Which are the best vitamin b tablets that she reccomendes
    Also which is the best vitamin d and k2 that she reccomendes does she reccomend any drops please advise thank you

  11. I have nerve damage due to transverse myelitis which means constant pain unless unconscious I.e. Asleep. Maybe there is hope for me. I cannot stand idea of life like this or worse. I have had sleep study just at home,'slight' sleep apnea. Wondering if I should start Keto .Interestingly had overgrowth of Candida albicans in 80s .diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in 90s.Transverse myelitis can be related to MS. My neurologist has recommended 3200 in daily .
    Now I probably should also have B vitamins supplement ?
    Fascinating info but difficult to know what's best without a doctor like this

  12. I wonder if Dr Stasha is familiar with the work of Dr. Terry Wahls. Many of the things she said she's not really knowledgeable about….I'll wager Dr. Wahls can fill in the gaps.

  13. Yes! D FROM THE SUN people need to distinguish supplemental form Vitamin-D3 (Hormone -D) is totally different and actually harmful. Check someone such as Dr Morley Robbins for critical life changing detail on this topic and much more related

  14. Okay, I'm dumb. Somebody help! What do I do? I assume it's not as simple as buying vitamin D3 and a B-100 complex? Please help. I cannot go into deep sleep. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

  15. Very good talk, thank you. Please make Dr. Gominak aware of oxalic acid problems from many plant foods like cocoa, spinach, beets etc. … Losing teeth as well as fibromyalgia, joint issues, anxiety etc. can all be caused by accumulation of oxalates.

  16. I looked up b100 and b50 and you have to watch out. They contain Folic acid and Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin). Folic acid and cyanocobalamin are artificial and not good for people. You need products with methylfolate and B12 that is not Cyanocobalamin.

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