Vishen Lakhiani – Mindvalley – Part 1 of 2.
Vishen Lakhiani is an Entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist.

He is the Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, one of the most successful wellness companies in the world which he started in 2003 with just $700.

He recently launched MindValley University – this year, taking place in Barcelona – which is his reimagining of our education system for the future.

His bestselling book ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’ provides a 10 point framework for understanding and enhancing the human self and features interviews with Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington.

00:00 Trailer.
01:40 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:47 Brian’s introduction.
05:50 Vishen’s background and European connections.
07:01 Seeking ways to build on and accelerate student’s ideas of human consciousness.
10:55 How meditation increased Vishen’s earning potential and changed his outlook on life.
15:38 Change in skills taught required for future world with access to personal AI and robotics use.
20:01 New Mindvalley Academy one month city campuses will offer new vision of learning for all ages.
33:05 What Vishen learned from running the first city campus.
35:36 Experience of being on the USA Muslim watch list led to Mindvalley’s mission.
47:14 Speaking out with respect against Donald Trump during the election.
50:21 The human colossus message and the cancerous cells trying to destroy it.
57:32 How to live that message.
1:05:15 Vishen’s biggest challenge as CEO of Mindvalley.
1:06:23 Why A-fest was started.
1:11:15 What Mindvalley could look like in fifty years.
1:12:26 Vishen’s daily habits.
1:15:01 How Vishen parents.
1:16:56 What Vishen does to keep physically fit.
1:19:36 What genre is Mindvalley?
1:21:16 Success secrets
1:21:45 The target that keeps Vishen awake at night.
1:22:29 Global view for what scares Vishen.
1:27:22 Forgiving but not pardoning.
1:31:05 Unfuckwithable definition and meaning.
1:32:45 Telephone call to the 20 year old Vishen Lakhiani.
1:33:52 Best advice ever received.
1:35:21 How Vishen developed his company culture.
1:38:49 Advice to the 20 year old who wants to be part of this human colossus.
1:40:11 Brian’s summing up.

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Vishen Lakhiani
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Mindvalley Academy

People mentioned in this episode:
Elon Musk
Sir Richard Branson
Arianna Huffington
Esther Perel

Esther Perel – Sex & Infidelity

Kenneth “Ken” Wilber II
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Neale Donald Walsch
Calvin Coolidge
Nelson Mandela
Ray Kurzweil
Wim Hof

Wim Hof – The Iceman

Robin Sharma
Tony Gonzalez
Lisa Nichols
Marisa Peer
Jeremy Corbyn
Donald Trump
Tim Urban
Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow – FULL MOVIE

Elliot Hulse

Elliott Hulse – The Body Is The Mind

Shawn Achor
Dan Savage
Jon and Missy Butcher

John Gray
Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey – Bulletproof

Tony Hsieh



16 thoughts on “VISHEN LAKHIANI – MINDVALLEY – PART 1/2 | London Real

  1. Oh! I really appreciate for this wonderful interview. Great thanks to London Real.
    Vishen Lakhiani, you are totally right! There is no education which is vital for having wisdom, peaceful and happy life in universities. I totally agree with you as I am from the nation where the university education do not fit in real life and where mindfulness, meditation education develop, Myanmar.

  2. I cannot believe that we finally got to the stage of our civilization where people like Vishen not only come up with ideas of educating the world in totally new way but pursue these ideas…Happy days!!

  3. 10K+ Views & 150 Likes?!?! WTF!!! Come on people …too lazy to click LIKE on a SPECTACULAR Episode of London Real?!?! Thank you so much Brian & Vishen ❤💕💛🙏🙌 Keep up the phenomenal work!! Much love & appreciation!! 😉💛🙏🙌🙌🙏💛💕❤💜💝💞💟

  4. Vishen has had the whole thing; he has attended schools for many years and has learnt a lot. In my opinion he is the product of his formal education and life experience. Why does he want to deprive kids from the former one?

  5. Dear Vishen. You are the 2050 educator and we are honored to share your vision with us, today. I am Ari Piovezani, from Brazil and we have already talked through email. Anxious to know you personally. Congrats for your work. Simply great.

  6. "…teaching you all the things that can lead to you having a better life, that school forgot to teach you." VISHEN LAKHIANI states. I don't believe in 'teachers' who get rich on 'teaching' the plebs on how to build a better life. Socrates and Plato are rolling in their graves, for they were real teachers and charged nothing for their services. Go to the fooking library or go online and read Plato, Plutarch, Pythagoras …. for FREE, and find the truth yourself, instead of paying this charlatan buku bucks. "There's a sucker born every minute" – P. T. Barnum- #saveYOUmoney #findTRUTHyourself

  7. I have felt trapped in my own life for many years. Finding something that I'm actually passionate about has felt impossible. I've tried many different careers and have always felt like something is missing. This gives me hope.

  8. As someone stuck in the mental illness cycle after a friends suicide who was also stuck in it…I greatly appreciate videos like this. This discussion is similar to what is helping me thrive from this nightmare in NJ USA.

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