Very High Pitch Sound To Keep Away Mice, Cats, Dogs

US population decline in new remedies for rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, braying and snakes!
how do you use?
Simple, animals and insects receive high frequency sounds that humans can not hear, it will be enough to put the video playback with a minimum volume, so we can do the job or our sleep without discomfort!
Try it and testane effective!

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24 thoughts on “Very High Pitch Sound To Keep Away Mice, Cats, Dogs

  1. This works!!! I have three neighbors who's dogs are barking most of the time. It sucks playing outside with my kids because how much those dang dogs are barking. I think there's 3 large dogs and 4 small yappy dogs. When we go outside I turn this on once those dogs start barking and the shut up quick! Thanks!!

  2. Sounds weird but this actually made my cats come sround lol. When I play it the meow and purr in my face. Then for next hour I can't get them to leave my side lol. And I'm not oblivious. Its obvious they like it. Its weird lol

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