Vajrasattva Meditation and Recitation

The Preliminaries of Mahamudra as Daily Practice
– Vajrasattva Meditation and Recitation –
by Khenpo Karsang Tenzin

This Preliminary requires the require empowerment of the deity Vajrasattva. Meditation and recitation of the Hundred Syllabes Mantra aim at the elimination of the negative karma and negative deeds created by the body, speech and mind of the practitioner.

Oral transmission, empowerment and explanation by Guru are required for the “The Preliminaries” to avoid entering into the wrong path. Before engaging the Four Preliminaries one should contemplate on the Four Common Preliminaries, sometimes called the Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind. i.e.
1. The difficulty of attaining a human body endowed with freedom and richness.
2. The impermanent of life.
3. The infallibility of actions, cause and effect.
4. The flaws of cyclic existence.
According to tradition, each preliminary is required to practice for 111111 times.


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