Understanding the Law of Attraction

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Bob Proctor talks about the Law of Attraction, how it has impacted him, and how it can impact you. Join Bob in this 40 minute information video.

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33 thoughts on “Understanding the Law of Attraction

  1. Many thanks for your advice. I think he is also saying that our actions are caused by thoughts, which through ideas will turn into us doing actions.

  2. Bob, I am inspired, i totally get what you are saying…… Just need to apply those principles in my life. I think i will watch the video again for sure and look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks from Cornwall United Kingdom.

  3. Wow This Guys Is amazing Kept me right on with Great Teachings of what Life Really is .. my life has Changed so Much after watching this and many other videos about the law of attraction, I must confess one thing you do need to be carful because you could attract things you Don’t want.. so Stay focused .

  4. Hi Bob,I have been following you from quite a while, meditate on your videos, and will love associate with you, now about to start a play school here in India, by the month of January, which is based on your Ideas and Montessori curriculum, and trust it's all because now I think that people will be interested in my stuff, if I make it that good, trust it wasn't the case earlier. Can't thank you enough. I am sure in upcoming next 3 years I will be able to achieve my C-type Goal.Many thanks for your extraordinary work.Atul DwivediPune(India)

  5. This information is so amazing to get, I am not sure how many people understand this now, but I know it is growing in numbers.
    Bob this work you are doing is attracting more & more people and we can all achieve what we desire once we put this to the test.

  6. Thanks Bob! It was hard to wrap my head around at first, but, studying you and Jim Rohn, and others like you, I am starting to see what I have always known to be true! I have built a house for my family to live because I imagined it. I did not see it until I imagined it. I had to change my frequency to do it!

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