Understanding Consciousness Through Meditation – Part 2

Understanding Consciousness through Meditation. Part 2. In this training Chandrakant teaches us the keys to success in achieving our true essence. He discusses topics and answers questions such as… What is the difference between the REAL and UNREAL?

The real is real for everyone, it is permanent and universal, constant. Chandrakant dives into the real vs the unreal.

What is the difference between direct experience and borrowed knowledge? Practice is critical but in the beginning “correct” knowledge is needed.

For more from Chandrakant go to http://amrityoga.org/chandrakant/

Learn the 10 minute stress buster http://www.amrityoga.org/mp3/CK-SloMoPrana.m3u

20 Minute Exercise http://www.amrityoga.org/mp3/CK20minYN.m3u


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