Twins Flames encodement | Spiritual Talk | Monday Heart Awakening Meditation

Beloved Hearts, you are invited to join and (re)connect with Mother Gaia and the Galactic Central Sun, anchoring in the Diamond Heart to solidify the New Earth Crystalline grid as preparing your Solar Light Body into Ascension.

• Sacred union . Twins Flames . Diamond codex now available to all awaken beings . Sisterhood of Rose & Brotherhood of Light.
• Mother Earth Gaia and high consciousness Elemental teachers and Guides to Ascension
• Monday collective activation: twin flames encoding & Christ consciousness anchoring

Monday Collective Activation is a regular practice and transmission to focus on the expansion and transformation of human consciousness. We serve as a bridge to higher dimensions to provide the steps and sequences needed in order to embody your divine potential.

Each Activation is unique and based on the transmissions, channeling and higher guidances received prior the session. If it is relevant to share with you guys the theme or specific self-preparation it will be informed by emails or posts.

* 2Hours of Energy Practice | Transmission | Ascension Talk | Sharing | Q&A | 7:30PM to 9:30PM
* Attend In-Person: RSVP 2 Hours at Ascension Platforms Villa
* Watch Preview Online: FREE 20 Mins LiveStream on Facebook
* Watch Full activation Online: FULL 2 Hours LiveStream on Crowdcast

Events and programs are available through attending in-person, online live streaming and pre-recorded videos/audios.

Meditations, activations, seminars, classes, workshops, weekly talks, practices and activities, retreat programs and practitioner certified trainings.

Invite, Share, Connect and Raise in Unity Consciousness, Harmony and Unconditional Self-Sharing Love.


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