TRUSTING GOD IN THE STORM – An Inspiring Documentary About Finding Help in Suffering

“After doing Christian counseling for 40 years, this is the most unusual and powerful story I’ve ever heard. It just totally amazed me!”
— Norma Grey, Christian Counseling Director – Orlando, FL

Dear suffering brother or sister in Christ,

My name is Michael Chriswell. This is a remarkable true story of finding God’s grace and overcoming the biggest of messes that we can make in our life, and/or the most painful suffering that the devil or others can throw at us.

Subjects in this emotional true story include: Dysfunctional childhood, sexual abuse, bullying, divorce, loss of family, loss of home, loss of possessions, loving money, being torn between God and success, business failure, bankruptcy, parental alienation, betrayal, adultery, loss of career, slander, rejection from friends, post abortion trauma, emotional abuse, total loss of dignity and suicidal thoughts, etc.?

If you are suffering in any way as a Christian, you will be greatly encouraged by this very unique story that has already encouraged and even saved many people’s lives before ever appearing on YouTube.

This video tells the story of my finally achieving what most of us call the “good life”. I was married with five children, living in a million-dollar home with all the toys, the travel, a successful business, and I was even being called the next “Zig Ziglar” (motivational speaker), by some. I was living my dreams, or so I thought.

After years of practicing the advice of success gurus, I overcame my very ugly childhood and proved I could “make something of myself”. By 2007, my small biz income was $700k and growing at 300% annually. By early 2008, I seemed to have reached the top of my game, but behind my smile was a growing sense of tension—I had no peace.

I had become a believer in Jesus Christ back in 1989, but with no one to disciple me, I continued living the way I’d always known. After I got married, I got more involved in church and then became a busy body “Christian” doing all the churchy stuff. At the same time, I was striving for success in the business world, and after one gigantic failure, I finally hit “the big time”. And even though I looked like God’s little “comeback kid”, there was a strong tension beginning to build deep in my soul.

While my business was growing, so was my desire for God and I kept sensing, “You are making progress, but in the wrong direction.” I had been relying on success like a false god and was deriving the majority of my identity and acceptance from it.

On October 30th 2009, the tension reached an 18-month high point. I got on my knees, cried out to God and completely surrendered everything to Him.

Nine months later (to the day), after attempting to tell the testimony of our unusual abortion story, it completely blew up in my face and my wife snapped, divorced me, and took our five children. I literally lost everything. Then it got even worse. As I began to trust and obey God in ways that didn’t fit with human reasoning, most of my family and friends turned against me. I even ended up homeless for a season. God was all I had.

All alone and broken, I sought Him with all of my heart, spending three years and thousands of hours studying the Bible and going on long prayer walks in the woods. I begged God to show me His ways and He began guiding me in astonishing ways. One of the first things He began to teach me was the principle of trusting and obeying Him. Initially, as you will see in the story, He did a miraculous parting of the RED SEA for me, in response to my obeying one of the more difficult teachings of Christ (Mat 5:39). Soon, I began to wonder what was possible if I obeyed all of the teachings of Jesus.

I spent the next 18 months, studying, organizing and obeying them. The more I obeyed, the more of His presence and fruit I began to see in my life. It was absolutely incredible! Today, my relationship with Him is truly indescribable, even when I’m suffering through hardship (1 Jn 2:5) and I know that I have still only scratched the surface.

I’ve been to the bottom of the pit and Jesus went with me, every single step of the way. Today, I have such joy, peace, hope and a contentment unlike anything I have ever known, even when I thought I “had it all”. God removed the idols from my life and the things I acquired outside of His will. He then helped me to find my ALL in Him alone. Eventually He even gave me some wonderful promises about the desires of my heart for the second half of my life. One of those desires is to Help you find your very own LIFE TO THE FULL, in Jesus! After you watch the story, subscribe at for some very encouraging updates and for practical teaching on how to fully abide in Christ and live with life to the FULL.

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29 thoughts on “TRUSTING GOD IN THE STORM – An Inspiring Documentary About Finding Help in Suffering

  1. Praise God! I wasn't going to watch this video (I know the Lord made it accessible to me, thank you Jesus), but I heard it in my spirit, "watch the video!" I'm so glad I did. Michael, Brother you are truly a blessing and I'm so thankful for your obedience! Your life is mine and generations of other's in this world. YOUR LIFE IS NOT YOUR OWN! I have so much Joy right now! FATHER YOUR AMAZING! HALLELUJAH! Obedience to God is commanded, narrow is the way but I just received strength from this testimony, GLORY TO GOD! WE LOVE YOU BROTHER MIKE, BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME! HALLELUJAH!

  2. Michael, thank your for testimony. I have been going thru what you have gone thru- my kids were abducted by their father to Europe ( 11 months baby girl and 6 years old son). Four years now without seeing my babies… but two summers ago I started to forgive and him and his parents for this tragedy and lies in court. Best statement by my ex father-inlaw was: “she is the direct descendant of the devil and she is not human she is like an animal without a brain!”
    I pray and forgive him daily and starting to finally ground myself and waiting for God to deliver the children back to me. Thanks for reading this. If you have any advice please feel free to comment. Thank you. Blessings.

  3. Being in that courtroom was a flash back from when you were a child walking down those apartment steps surrounded by those kids who were bulling you. Our lives to seem to repeat itself some how. In the end all PRAISE & GLORY goes to our Lord and Savior.

  4. Thank God for you brother Michael I’m so bless by your fait and teaching in my life everyday. God is so great in everything He does. I’m still in the shelter , but greatful in every way that God is doing a great work in me, don’t know what the feature have, but I’m looking forward in faith with love, patient,kindness,love,peace and joy.

  5. this bring me to tears but God he's so amazing as child of God we all have a battle to go through God bless you Michael a true man of God i will shear your story to anyone that will listen thank you.

  6. Please excuse the expression, but, "Good Lord!" SMH … Unbelievable! I'm just blown away. I'm speechless.
    I did NOT seek out this video. I have no clue HOW I got here. Listening to the radio, I had dozed off, and when I woke up, this video was on 00:00 and just started playing.
    Figure that one out. Like I said, – unbelievable!

  7. Thank you Michael. I was also wondering what your "take" is on "tithing". A lot of Pastors now of days seem more interested in what's in your wallet than getting souls saved. Just curious.

  8. Praise the Lord 👏👏👏😁😁😁 Faith Kept Him Going Look At God Look What God Can Do When You Obey Him you Got your Kids N Didn't Have To Pay No Child Support All Things Is Possible With Christ in your life Amen Amen Praise the Lord Hallelujah 👏👏👏👏👏 Keep Doing The Lord Work Take Care Of Your Wonderful My Brother Michael We Walk By Faith Not By Sight My Brother Amen take care of your beautiful Kids N Your beautiful Mother Stay Bless My Brother Amen 😁👼👼

  9. This has helped me in so many ways at just the right time. It's almost a mirror image of what my life has been like up to this point. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am humbled by it.

  10. This is a beautiful story.. Very emotional.. Beautiful happy ending.. I cried like a baby.. Im going through this tough storm and its very hard and impossible to come out of it but im still hanging on and knowing i can do all things through Him and nothing is impossible with God.. God led me to this video and it was diffintly a confirmation for me..the repetitive numbers i too see also but havent figure out the real meaning for it … But i do know God is making away for me too! Please pray for me God bless you all peace & Grace:)

  11. He seems like a narcissist. Somethings not right. After 40 years of counseling this in the most unusual and powerful story his counselor ever heard? Please. He's so self important he made a documentary about himself. He had some business issues… He got a divorce and went thru a custody battle….. It stinks… Its hard… but it's life.

  12. I feel his pain now & then ~ when the loneliness & depression controlled my thoughts, which only ended in emotional defeat. The biggest issues were soo internal. It was soo hard to get help from anyone ~ even God… I’ve always been a free loving spirit, optimistic about the goals challenging me. I spent my life looking for my next journey. I was never blessed with children which hurt because I married/divorced twice with the knowledge of finally realizing I needed a total hysterectomy. I had a narcissistic mother who was a school teacher. She abused me physically, emotionally & mentally, never to have her support of acceptance for who I was. Never having shown emotional love by either parent, I never received encouragement ~ only contradictions, corrections & disappointments. After working in a prison of a family utility business for 35 years, the business came to an end after 56 years, putting pressure on me to close business deals & paper work that were time sensitive because my father became ill. My mother was bedridden after losing the will to live in 2010. This caused brain damage & she became the evil person who always had a veil to hide behind. I became her scapegoat. During a 5 year struggle with serious illnesses that required numerous surgeries, my father passed away 4 days after the amputation above his knee on his leg in 2015.I loved him dearly & grieved his death while all along listening to my mothers rants & rages that I was stealing from their estate. She even accused my father of having incest with me! She had become so jealous & resentful against her 56 yr old daughter, she hired a divorce lawyer against my dad! As the trustee, I was responsible for paying that lawyer $5000 of grief. I tried my best to turn the other cheek through the degradation she plagued me with constantly! I remember thinking that God was never brought up & if we had openly had faith in Him, our family would have had love to get us through this. I had been diagnosed with Lupus prior to their illnesses but I never had time for tests or treatments. She called me 40 times a day demanding her money as well as demanding that she move in with me! After my father passed, I never thought I would see my ‘proud’ mother trying to commit suicide several times, slitting her wrists & spraying Clorox down her mouth. I went through my own breakdowns, at times bedridden with pain & fatigue. She passed in 2016 & I was forced to get medical attention. By the end of that year, I was granted disability & a very small inheritance. When my parents were under different care taking choices, their money was not only spent on caretakers, but they had an insatiable desire to spend their money on anything & everything! My 86 yr old father wanted a new Camero he could never drive! Their money was a huge issue & I almost resigned my position as trustee. They were controlled by their materialistic achievements when they needed God the most in their lives. That was one of many life lessons I learned through this difficult time. God is in my present life giving me the faith, the love & the peace I now seek one day at a time. Thanks for your attention! ✝️💟☮️

  13. I usually only cry during worship time- but this testimony of God's deliverence and love was so pure and true to the ears of my heart. I experienced a lot of the anguish Michael suffered- as a child under narcissistic abuse, absent father, losing kids, wife and dreams. The one thing encouraging me most is that a man of God is stepping up to display his faith in God in the midst of a jezebelized nation of male victims. This is so good for men who are ready to forgive their accusers and get Heavenly Fathers will finally done in their life. Believe and receive.

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