Travel The World || Subliminal

Travel The World Subliminal

• Music used: Cody G. – ukulele and chill


All my subliminals:
✓ Are downloadable
✓ Have no frequencies
✓ Can be heard without earphones
✓ Are tuned to 432 Hz, the natural tuning scale

Listen to this for at least 30 minutes to one hour. You can listen to more, but make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed. Results come different for everyone. They depend on many factors like age, health, faith, energy, etc.

I don’t always share the affirmations of my subliminals because subliminals usually work better if you don’t know the affirmations.


⇒ What are Subliminals?

There are affirmations (suggestions) that are hidden under the music. because they are hidden by the music and u can’t hear them, the suggestions go right past your conscious mind which would normally reject them as not true and They go right to your subconscious mind and are accepted as true. Once the affirmations are ingrained in your subconscious, your body starts changing to match what the subconscious is telling it, and thats how people are getting physical results. Headphones are not required, but they will make the process work faster.


⇒ Affirmations:
I can visit every part of the world
I se the most beautiful places in the world
I can easily afford any vacation
I can afford my dream vacation
I get discounts on food, hotels, traveling tickets
I travel safely
I get paid while you go on vacation
I know hundreds of cities in the world
I attract money and opportunities to travel the world
I enjoy every tour
I live in five-star hotels
I keep excellent health while traveling
I enjoy every moment in tours
I feel comfortable in any city
I stay calm and composed
I am a cool and confident traveler
I enjoy traveling
I live a life of luxury
I travel the world and abroad
I attract abundance of luck and love
I have an adventurous life
I manifest a resourceful circle of true friends
I repel negativity and deflect envy from your life
I radiate positive energy and vibes
I live life to the fullest and how you want it
I am social and outgoing
I naturally attract others
I wake up feeling great, grateful and happy to be living everyday
I am limitless
I have my desired life and reality
I travel to my desired locations
I always have enough money to travel
I always have safe travels
When I travel, it’s always fun
I meet amazing people while travelling
I always stay in the best places
I have my parents’ permission to travel
My parents take me on vacation to my desired countries
My parents take me on vacation to my desired cities
I effortlessly attract a life of luxury
Curiosity leads me to interesting new places
I travel and live the life of my dreams
I am joyful as I travel and explore the planet
I travel to the most beautiful places
I visit sacred and historical sites
I deserve to enjoy a luxurious life
I realize that money is essential for leading a good life
The Universe is the constant supplier of money for me
I always have enough money to fulfill what I want
I happily share my luxury with others and enrich their lives
I am always full of money
My bank balance is increasing everyday
I always have money for luxury I desire
I invite new choices into my life
I accept the great responsibility of true freedom
I am financially free
I am free to choose the best of all things imaginable and tangible
My life is easy and free and filled with joy
I have more than enough money to travel
I make money while traveling the world


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