Tranquil Birdsong, 11 hours – Birds Chirping, nature sounds, natural sound of birds singing

To relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, for guided meditation, or simply fall asleep fast.

11 hours of peaceful birds singing to help you sleep all night. Helps create a natural ambiance in any environment.

Dark Screen Version:
Download Series:
11 hour versions:
Waves 11 hrs:
Gentle Stream 11hrs.:
Birdsong 11hrs.:
Thunderstorm 11hrs.:
Rain Forest 11hrs.:
Tibetan Healing Sounds 11hrs.:
Night Time sounds 11hrs.:
Cave 11hrs.:
Dolphins 11hrs.:
Waterfall 11hrs.:
Rainfall 11hrs.:
Wind-chimes 11hrs.:
English Garden 11hrs.:
Jungle Sounds 11hrs.:
Choir Garden 11hrs.:
Beach Sounds 11hrs.:

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42 thoughts on “Tranquil Birdsong, 11 hours – Birds Chirping, nature sounds, natural sound of birds singing

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  3. My dad was watching the news while folding his clothes. And in the news my dad was watching, they were debating. And in the news they were also yelling while debating. And I was reading. And so l put different types of music till this relaxed meโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Sehr entspannend. Vielen Dank fรผr das Hochladen der Stimmen aus unserer wunderbaren Natur!Mรถge der Mensch die unwiederbringliche Flora und Fauna auf diesem Planeten nicht noch weiter zerstรถren! Herzliche GrรผรŸe in die ganze Welt aus Deutschland!

  5. I have been very depressed as all I hear now are sirens, vehicles and people yelling. I figured I would see if there was something here to help me and as soon as I pressed play on your video I began to cry. I miss it so much. Thank you for posting. It is helping.

  6. I live in the Yarra Ranges Victoria (the mountains for those out of Australia) Where we have plenty of birds, which you can see, but can't hear over the cars, so I put this on and i get a complete picture thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Initially it seems like it's been looped to repeat , and possibly several birdsong recorded atop others? I'd love this if it were more natural. There's a background noise that repeats that's off-putting. I appreciate that it must be difficult to put birdsong on tape for this long, having to have windless days, etc.

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