Total Body Stretch – Flexibility Exercises for the Entire Body

Great for after a hard workout. Stretching helps improve your flexibility, which in turn improve your athletic performance and decrease your risk of injury. Enjoy!

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31 thoughts on “Total Body Stretch – Flexibility Exercises for the Entire Body

  1. it'd be helpful to have some kind of audio cues to change of positions, because it's hard to stretch into a position, when you need to constantly look at the screen to see if you've moved on or not

  2. I choose a different video every morning. This morning I decide to try this one. I did not make it passed the 4 minute marker. I got so frustrated at no guidance on what move/stretch and/or count that I had to constantly watch the screen to TRY and get into the position just to look at the screen to find you had already moved on to something else – with you and your creepy smile.

  3. What has helped my joints and whole body feel so much better over the past year is incorporating joint mobility movements into my workout program.

    Joint mobility drills are simple movements that bring lubrication to the joints, which can help heal and rejuvenate them. You almost have to look at your joints as separate from your muscular system even though they are all connected. When you are doing these movements you’re not trying to stretch your muscles, you’re just moving your joints in a comfortable range of motion bringing nutrition to the joints and sending propriceptive communication to your central nerves system saying it is OK to do these movements.

  4. This is a great stretching video but what if your trying to do this video to get some stretching in for the day your on cold muscles and she just
    jumps straight into the hard stuff she could have done a little warm up first so we won’t pull nothing so make sure your warmed up before you do this video

  5. I continually revisit this video. Please don't ever take this down! 🙏 lol. This is one of the most effective and efficient stretch videos I have done thus far.

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