Top 3 Exercises for Leg Lymphedema (Swelling or Edema)

Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck along with guest presenter Aaron Kast discuss the Top 3 Exercises for Lymphedema (swelling or edema) in your lower extremities or legs.

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35 thoughts on “Top 3 Exercises for Leg Lymphedema (Swelling or Edema)

  1. Thank you guys, I often run and suddenly as I went for a run I had to stop 5 minutes into it because my legs just above the ankle felt like a traffic jam building up with fluid. I believe it is due to adding energy drinks to my diet recently as they are filled with caffeine and sodium. These exercises and removing caffeine from my diet helped a lot.

  2. Thanks my mom just got diagnosed with lymphedema ( I believe she is i stage 1) and i am looking up exercises to help her. she also is a type 2 diabetic, so im spending my night taking notes and finding videos. thanks!

  3. Hello gentlemen i want to get some information regarding swollen feet in paralyzed person, Actually my grandpa he is around 101 years old , he is suffering from paralysis in right hand and leg from 3 months , now his hand is working but leg still not works properly and feet swollen for every few hours even though he walks a little , so i wanted to know treatment to rid swollen feet , I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL HELP ME SO I AM WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY ………………

  4. going to give these exercises a try. i never elevate my feet as i'm always sitting in an office chair or walking. hopefully this, with a reduction in salt, helps and i can reduce taking apo triazide water pills

  5. This is fabulous. I have had increasing issues with lower leg edema, post cancer a few years OVCA. Thank you. I'm off to do all the exercises right now…will implement a daily program 3x/day. Great job!

  6. I had an injury one month ago. MRI showed it caused edema in my right foot. I have been wearing ankle support and keeping the leg elevated. will these exercises be helpful in my case

  7. OMG Finding this video has been a GODSEND…. You guys are such Corn balls!! Your videos are Corny as harvest day on the farm!!! But I can tell you this… these movements all but saved my legs. I have been seeing a PT and gett compression wrap therepy as well as massage therepy for a few months now. She never taught me ANY of these. I do 3 sets of 100 of these excersizes every day. The difference is a size 13 sneaker or a size 15 quadruple E sneaker as well the ability to wear Jeans and walk comfortably. Thank you so much Gents!! You have helped me more than a simple YouTube comment could ever convey. I wish I could send you my insurance card so that you could charge me for a consultation. YOU DESERVE IT!! Thank You again!!!

  8. Are you showing all these exercises because they all should be done on a regular basis, or just to give a change up? I have venous insufficiency and am finding that just raising my legs above my heart for 15 to 20 minutes a day seems to help. Finding the time to do a lengthy session three times a day would be difficult.

  9. Thanks for the video Doc. I am 40 n diabetic. At present I am having problem with my fluid filled right knee. I can't climb down stairs. it's so painful I can't bend them even 40ยฐ what a bother! My glucose levels have shot up I guess. Hate this life with diabetes:(

  10. Hi. I can't seem to find what I want. I had a tumor removed from my left leg 1 week ago. It was located a couple of inches above the knee cap but on the side of the leg (the long bone) but also on the left side of that leg. Thank God, tumor removed with no ripping or tearing of muscles. Anyways, I can't bend (or let's say curl) my leg when standing more than 90 degrees. The muscle feels tight next to the knees on the outer side of the leg. Can someone recommend any exercise that may help? I asked my doctor and he told me to keep moving. But if anyone else has something to share. Please I would really appreciate it.

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