TLOZ Ocarina of Time: All Dungeons in 1 Pause LOTAD in 2:27:07.411

In this run the ‘All Dungeons’ category is completed with only 1 pause during the entire run.
A pause is using the start button to access the menu screen to equip items, save the game or make most tricks easier via ‘pause buffering’.

This run was completed solo by myself with a few reused inputs from the previous 2 pause run completed by jmarvin, dungeonfire and myself.
There is no way I would have finished without basing this off the 2 pause run heavily as this was a lot of work for one person.

This run is a LOTAD, or Low Optimization Tool Assisted Demonstration, which means I used savestates and frame advance to craft the inputs for this run. This is different from a Tool Assisted Speedrun in that it does not come with the high expectations which cause so many TASes to be left unfinished. This was my 2nd TAS project I’ve ever completed.

Special thanks to Jolin for coming up with itemless escape and itemless cucco jump, without him there would be no run. Special thanks to the entire OoT community for putting up with my random questions during the making of this.

Discord: mubbsy#2369

Technical details:
Emulator: Bizhawk 1.13.1
Movie Format: .tasproj
Video Plugin: Jabo 1.6.1
ROM: Zelda no Densetsu – Toki no Ocarina (J) (1.0)
Video Encoding Settings: 1024×768, 4x Anisotropic, 4x Antialiasing
TAS File:


– Pauses are evil and must be minimal.

Is this route version exclusive?
– No this will work on any version of the game

How long did it take to make
– I started on this in late February and finished on March 30th so just a few days over a month working on it at least 4 hours a day on average.

How much was frame by frame inputs vs done via RTA with controller?
– Only a few fights were on controller, pretty much everything else was done with the TAS tools frame by frame, however I did reuse some inputs from the previous TAS I worked on.

Can this be done RTA on console?
– Not likely, unless you can get guay hover RTA.

Whats with all the walking back and forth?
– That trick is precise to within 10000th of a unit and Jolin hadn’t made his setup yet.

Why did you get fairy bow?
– You cannot fire arrows via actionswap without arrows in a quiver for arrow count which is needed for Phantom Ganondorf.


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