Thousands of fish leap out of water at same time – Slow Mo!

Weird Jumping Alien Asian Carp Invade the Illinois River. In the 1970’s silver carp were accidentally introduced into the Illinois River after escaping from a fish farm. The fish mistake pressure waves from the propellors of the boat’s motors for the movements of predators and jump with fright. Each jumping fish scares its neighbour, causing a dangerous chain reaction.

From our series “Swarm”, Narrated By David Tennant


28 thoughts on “Thousands of fish leap out of water at same time – Slow Mo!

  1. Im sure the Navy have to have their own fishing boats or any new Bussi Enterprise into a new fishing Industry..

    New Fish plant ( sea food ) in wich assembly frozen pack and Fresh to New Rest chain food .Family Restaurants etc
    Look in mean time possive proffitable side

  2. I think they can't comprehend the surface of the water. They are swimming along and all of a sudden they are too close to the surface and go UP instead of down. What goes up must come down on Earth…so back in the water they go…but they have no clue as to why the water they were swimming in disappeared for a few seconds.

  3. So, I get that invasive species don't generally have predators, but why not? what is stopping other fish from eating the Asian carp? if the carp are too big, what is preventing other fish from eating the babies?

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