This Unorthodox Procedure Makes Short People A Foot Taller

Do you wish you were taller? Well there’s a surgically procedure you could go through to get taller, but it can be pretty painful…

How Much Force Does It Take To Break A Bone? –
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Distraction Osteogenesis for Lengthening of the Tibia in Patients Who Have Limb-Length Discrepancy or Short Stature
“This study was performed to determine the safety and effectiveness of lengthening of the tibia, in patients who have a limb-length discrepancy or a short stature, with use of distraction osteogenesis, a technique based on the principle of distracting the callus that is formed after a subperiosteal osteotomy of the proximal portion of the diaphysis of a long bone.”

Limb lengthening has proven to be a very powerful and effective procedure.
“Limb lengthening is possible and has been performed successfully for about 50 years in Kurgan, Russia. Gavriil A. Ilizarov developed the concept in 1951 after seeing many WWII veterans who had leg fractures that had not healed (non-unions).”

A Closer Look At The Potential Of Bone Lengthening Distraction Osteogenesis
“Bone lengthening techniques have advanced significantly in recent years. Accordingly, these authors discuss the fundamentals of distraction osteogenesis, including surgical techniques, the expression of growth factors and bone morphogenetic proteins, and common complications in an attempt to improve the understanding of the potential of bone lengthening.”


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47 thoughts on “This Unorthodox Procedure Makes Short People A Foot Taller

  1. We always wanted and loved to interrupt in nature and doesn't satisfied with what God has given us ,we used to try several experiments,hacks and tricks etc, which gives us temporary benefits along with permanent side effects.
    alhamduillah! (All praises to Allah swt)

  2. I won't take what I have for granted, I am 5'5 I am confident, I am a man, I am strong. I don't need this shit to make me feel confident, I've seen people who aren't even lucky enough to have limbs. It's not a matter of what others think of you, it's a matter of your self confidence.

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