The Truth of Jesus Christ!

As the thunder rolls, volcanoes erupt, and the earthquakes a new positive movement step’s forward. One to save positive beings from this place and only looking for true love and zero hate. Did you love when you didn’t have 2? Hold a door open for another HuMAN being? Did you help someone besides yourself today? Have you given up because you sold your soul? Would you like to know how to get your soul back? Chakras will help you get your soul back. With chakra cleansing you can regain access to your soul. Start being positive beings today and the results will come. The way off this hell is 2 conquer your 7 DEADLY SINS. If you are not sinning then nothing can keep you here. Call out to god and find the frequency that is god. It was never about a named God or which religion is right, but a frequency you can feel. Words have been twisted up from the beginning of time, and all words have been written by man. So all religions have been written by man. Constantine wrote the new testament of the Bible around 300 a.d. to bring the Roman Gods and Christianity together to one religion. Yeshua and Jesus Christ are too different beings in the new testament. Jesus Christ and his father Satan rules this world and they are the “rely on me” God’s. Yeshua was an ascended master who used the chakras and other Eastern Oriental spirituality practice’s to become enlightened. They hung Jesus on a cross to make sure that you feel horrible about your sins  and then tell you that you hung Jesus there on the cross with your sins. It’s all guilt, fake love, and I’ll save you with Jesus and Satan. Controlling most of the population now with a fake story that they have used over and over again on you lost sheep. Either way they are both the son’s of God as we where all made in the God’s image. Yes plural there are many God’s. Satan wants to be the only god. That’s why your bible says that there is only one true god. Sheep keep believing and when you’re raptured and Satan judge’s you just remember you asked to be saved. Do you only believe in part of the Bible? Half love and half hate. Most of the Bible revolves around killing, war, betrayal, and a vengeful god. Does not sound like that’s going to be a path to love. My creator is only love! The creator cannot be in the presence of sin. That’s why Satan is in control here and ruling this plane. This plane is a test to see if you can love. Did you ever wonder who the 3 wise men where from the East? Teacher’s of chakras, meditation, and spirituality practice’s? The Bible told you everything you need to know but all you saw was the obvious lies and took them as truth. He is us is a frequency and all you ever needed was love and to forgive yourself. The creator forgave you before you sinned, see you are the one keeping score. Named gods are just for the sheep who have been put to sleep. Odin, Ra, Frigga, Bask, and so on are all God’s and our ancestors. The small mind of man has to associate a face with a name. All that’s asked of you is to control yourself and get the 7 DEADLY SINS out of your life. Put out only positivity and use the chakras to learn control over yourself. You have to forgive yourself and have no fear! If you are not willing to sound your horn on something evil then you are evil. No fear even to your Death! Speak truth or don’t speak at all! Truthers have no fear!


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