The Simple Solution to Traffic

The way we can make traffic disappear.
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38 thoughts on “The Simple Solution to Traffic

  1. I love this. Thank you for saying what many of us spend hours wondering while staring at some tail lights. I would love a career that does nothing but analyzes this to improve it in real world applications

  2. Ooooor… We get rid of cars entirely and viva la electric trains everywhere with bycicles and moving crosswalks! Nah this ain't gonna work, I have very little faith in robotics and I am scared as helll of self-driving cars for the sole reason that humans make mistakes, any single problem will make a catastrophe happen, perfecting a system like this is hopless at the moment and I think making little improvements everywhere can make roads better, with better driving education replacing intersections with traffic roundabouts and making MAYBE, just MAYBE an A.I that'll help drivers drive better.

  3. You’re right about the snake dying when the the last car can speed away before the car behind can stop but you failed to mention that can only happen when the road goes under capacity so even if you’re spaced perfectly it’s going to happen if the road is over capacity so a snake may be started at 3:00pm and it will go until the road is under capacity

  4. You don’t seem to understand how cars work right no car accelerates the same a v8 has low end torque so I can get off the line faster than a 4 cyl where the torque resides up in 3k-4K RPM same with large trucks they’re slow and don’t have much acceleration range before they have to shift to the next gear

  5. when looking at the majority issues i see for example on the 401 around Toronto is the dreaded slow left lane drivers.  and im not talking about the I'm doing 110 to pass some one, i mean the guy in the left most lane doing 80 when the flow of traffic is near 120 to 130 KPH. If your in the right most lane doing then fine ok no problem, in the left get out

  6. Solution: Privatize the roads. Getting rid of government monopoly, would create competition for better quality transportation. The free market always works better due to the fact that private businesses are frugal with money they worked for, whereas the government has little incentive to work hard for it. But we don't even know if today's roads are the choice of the market, or if they exist only because they are propped up by the government. That's why having a competitive market of successful and failing roads will tell us what the optimal solution is. : )

  7. The only thing I like about this video is a nice argument not to tailgate. The tailgaiters cause the slowups! Ha ha! Aside from that, a) if it's a choice between zero traffic and being the one driving, I'd take driving. And b) screw cars. Not interested in rushing to a driverless world. I want a car-less pedestrians ascendant world with minimal vehicular presence.

  8. So, as much as I try to not overbrake on the highway (more so I don't get rear-ended than to avoid traffic) this is kind of wrong about intersections. If everyone starts up at the same time (that is, when the light turns green) then when they speed up to 40mph they'll all be way too close. So everyone behind the lead car has to accelerate more slowly , to the point where it becomes roughly equivalent to the old system.

  9. the problem is were taught to drive incorrectly. we're taught to leave a following distance. this is wrong if you want smooth flow..

    if drivers learned to drive in a draft they would save fuel and actually be safer because the cars will not be able to generate the speed differences that are possible with huge gaps and following distances. notice race cars all bunch up together on big speedways. 😉

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