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  1. Heh, there's coaching for tennis on the high School level 😛

    Still, tennis has a lack of sports entertainment…

    Whenever anything, and I mean ANYTHING, happens in tennis, I swear, everyone takes it like it's the end of the world… While, yeah, I didn't really like what happened that match, between Serena and Osaka, and I was happy that Osaka won, like, it's like the US open judges have a thing out against Serena for the daintiest things…

    Like in 2008 it was the foot faults

    But I will say, regarding the ATP and WTA as a whole, like, this is post the 2019 NBA season, where the "REFS YOU SUCK" chants became a thing, like, we complain about calls there, but man, it's like the line judges and head judge has a VENDETTA against you for the stupidest things.

    You can do something by accident, like, hit a ball at the main referee, and he defaults you IMMEDIATELY (happened to a dude representing Canada at the Davis cup, a real big prestigious cup) because you hit the ball at a guy BY ACCIDENT… You can plead and say sorry all you want, but one bad move and BAM, you're out…

    Can't show emotion, can't psyche yourself up, can't say anything … Can't even LOOK (I remember Andy Murray, Caroline Wozniacki-Lee, and Djokovic definitely had the judge calling them out for looking at their boxes as well)

    Like, I love the sport… But you can't do anything but play tennis… Which, at least unlike baseball, is a beautiful sport.

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