The Regeneration of Organs Can Soon Be Commonplace

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Science can give patients regenerated organs in the next five years or so. Matthew Putman, Founder and CEO of Nanotronics Imaging (, on the political will needed to make this a reality.

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Transcript — What Nanotronics does, we work with a lab that regenerates the esophagus. This of interesting because this was by chance, but I had esophageal cancer. I was lucky enough and had good enough oncologists and scientists working on my case that I recovered from it, but it’s incredibly deadly form of cancer. With regenerative medicine you’re able to actually take out part of the esophagus and replace it with a bio scaffold and seed that with stem cells so that it can regrow a new scaffold. This has been known for a long time, it’s even been tried, but without the ability to do know the exact pore size and the density of how those cells will react to each other, so in other words to have nanoscale resolution it’s only an idea, it’s only a theoretical idea. Now this is something that’s a reality. This should be also applicable to any regenerative processes like this.

Full complicated organs are already being recreated. What makes it into the mainstream is a matter of regulation, it’s a matter of politics, it’s a matter of things that are outside of science. But we do hope that enabling it in many labs for a point that everybody can try it out will help this adoption happen quicker. So five years is absolutely a technological reality. We’ll see if it’s a political reality.

There are of course political hurdles in doing anything in medicine, but that is also kind of an excuse for us when we don’t accomplish things as fast as we would like to. They are real but I think the biggest hurdle in nanotechnology and regenerative medicine specifically is that the public doesn’t know about it so it’s not on the radar of most people so they’re not excited about it. They don’t push for it. They don’t spend money on it. They don’t lobby for it. They don’t realize that their lives or their parent’s lives and their children’s lives can be saved by it. It’s always amazing to me the types of technology that get attention while others that are truly world changing don’t get any attention at all. Regenerative medicine is a good example of that.


29 thoughts on “The Regeneration of Organs Can Soon Be Commonplace

  1. (sigh), and yet we can't show his presentation while he speaks, even as a subscreen. C'mon, who else was watching fascinated, but couldn't get it out of their mind that his video presentation would have been, at times,  more interesting than watching him speak.  I think a speaker of this caliper deserves a split or inset display of the video demonstration.

  2. "It's always amazing to me the types of technology that get attention while others that are truly world changing don't get any attention at all. Regenerative medicine is a good example of that." –ah,in that case anyone wanna "semi-ditch"/let consumer oriented electronic and software go steady-state for a while and shift to medicine and chemical developments then `_` ?.With how we're getting our organic chem discouraged lately cuz of VOC's and enviromental stuff let's get ahead of the curve and use our organic chem 4 nanotech where we can,shall we?

  3. Really good video, high five Big Think, Nanotronics, and of course Matthew.

    Don't just focus on the corrupt fucks, awesome folks. They will always be there unless we change many policies. We need to work together as a team and realize whatever we want is attainable. And not in some idealistic utopia bullshit way, I mean simply realize what role you can play.

     Are you really good at educating people? Spread the word and enlighten folks. Know someone really good at being a leader and organizing things? Get them to make local/whatever kind of groups to bring many people together to share ideas on the topic. Know great speakers? Educate them and let them draw attention to the issue. Know people passionate about policy change? Let them focus on that. All I'm saying is realize what you can contribute and roll with it, and many hands makes light work. Cheers.

  4. Doctors seem to have no trouble whatsoever "getting the word out" about diet and exercise, yet they expect us to believe there is "resistance" when it comes to informing the public about the possibility of regenerating their organs?

  5. Public awareness has nothing to do with anything. The technology for things as simple as regenerating burn victims is still in its infancy. Regenerating and transplanting whole organs is probably decades away from being feasible on a large scale.

  6. Utterly enlightening and even disappointing, to confirm a suspicion with regard to indifference and ignorance relating to gene therapy. Were i wealthy, i would fund a worldwide campaign to bring about the proverbial spotlight onto nano technologies, both current and the exciting horizon..

  7. There's more money in the present methods of transplant and expensive medicines for the patients life. Regenerative medicine actually heals and that's just not a profitable and this is why it doesn't get the attention it deserves.

  8. Why the fuck would you choose this guy of all people to do this topic…his face makes it look like the worlds going to end as soon as this technology comes out

  9. People need to be taught that the body is capable of natural healing. Bad food and prescription drugs are a big problem related to most ailments. The pharmaceutical companies have everyone convinced that there is a magical cure in a bottle.  Pharmaceuticals are the number one killer of people.  They have all this money to advertise and lobby Washington.  When people can't even feed their families and so many are living in poverty, where is the money supposed to come from?  Politics is being used to force a slave society and choke off the good people in America, keeping them living in poverty.

  10. The closing statement here is key. Everybody wants to see the new iphone or new galaxy, while technologies like this are not in the main stream media. We are all being kept from reality with all the BS entertainment and fake news.

  11. Said to see that humanity or more accurately the government does more to hinder progress of our species and science and the general welfare of the people than they do help it.

  12. He could have been a bit more precise what political hurdles is this field facing exactly. It is unclear and emotional, without necessary facts. Sounds manipulative without additional 20 second explanation.

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