The Real You – Alan Watts

Who are you really? An amazing lecture given by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker.
Speech extract from “Does it do you, or do you do it” by Alan Watts, courtesy of


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44 thoughts on “The Real You – Alan Watts

  1. Did anyone out there read "Stranger In A Strange Land"? One of the martian's most profound understandings was "thou art God". It's like a scifi interpretation of Allan.

  2. The problem with these videos is that they are taken far too figuratively. If you think you're the person behind the screen reading this comment, then the point of the video has gone totally over your head. It's all literal, you are not who you think you are. You do not exist as you think you do, the self is an illusion. This is something that has been known for THOUSANDS of years now. It is possible to directly experience your true self, all you need to do is sit down and observe. WAKE UP!

  3. If he wants to call the universe "you/I" because we are all part of it, fine, but what people are really concerned about is their personal consciousness. Your personal consciousness does end. It's not infinite or anything. Every human is just another bit of animated matter.

    I also really don't like how he talks about birth like it's some kind of amazing thing; it isn't. Every time a human is born, they are pulled from the peaceful void of nonexistence against their will. Nobody asks to be born and whenever someone is born, they are cursed with a lifetime of suffering. When people are not born, they don't miss out on anything because they don't even exist.

    If you really love children, I implore to not curse them with life.

  4. A creation comes from creator… How can a car think more who it is? If it is programmed to think one day it start ruling it's creator… Imagine if ur creation rules you how it gonna be see… It's will fight against you if u didn't listen to it… So the creator have a power to destroy before it think to destroy… Here we see it's not fare coming against its creator.. it should be ruled under its creator… Hello Alan Watts think abt the creator boast in him not in urself but Creator of human being's are more advanced to Boast his creator, it's worthy to Boast… Don't claim to be urself righteous and great one day problem comes even though u will solve it bcz it's Grace period hence u were not destroyed.. Judgement day is very sad day for those who Boast in human flesh….

  5. This man puts into words the way I think all the time. I see the world very different from everyone else at least I think I do most of the time. I am that deep thinker that sees beyond what is there.

  6. Explanation for ‘Imagine going to sleep, and never waking up’ –
    You no longer know what waking up is anymore, so all your fears and worries and even happiness when you were (once) awake are now all gone. Then, ‘Imagine waking up and never sleep’ – same thing! Now all your nightmares and fears and dreams in your sleep are gone. You don’t remember what they were and you don’t go back to that state ever again. In this way, it is akin to saying when one life ends, another begins. The process of being reborn. Moving from one state to another, from one form to another. I think that is what Alan Watts is trying to teach us.

    Life continues even after death, in another form. You can’t imagine what is it like because you are not there yet. And once you reach there, you can’t imagine what it is like in this life anymore (because you can never be awaken in this life when you exist in the next)

  7. if this is correct then we are destroying the planet for ourselves to put your next experience in a world that will be more and more broken… what happens if we keep ignoring or being to busy to even think about our next quality of life on this amazing planet then what will be left… but we can change that and it starts will you.

  8. Does anyone think that when Alan Watts first gave the speech he wanted to compete with an orchestra and a chorus playing over him? The music is pointless and distracting. Somebody is taking someone else's speech someone else's music someone else's video combining it to make it seem as if it's their own creation and trying to monetize that and it's ridiculous.

  9. take away all the stupid motivational music. it ruins the lecture. let it be just as he spoke it. no extra nonsense. i want to be alone with watts. not with an orchestra from a transformers movie.

  10. None of this surprises or astounds me and I completely understand it all… Life is not good. You are a cancer. A mistake. Yous shouldn't be. Just as a puppet shouldn't suddenly awaken and roll it's glassy marble eyes around the room to scan it's crooked little corner of the universe.

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