The Primary Ingredient for Successful Meditation

In this video, Dada explains the meaning of the Sanskrit word, “Parishrama” or well-directed effort. He gives the opinion that this is the primary ingredient for success in meditation just as it is a primary ingredient for success in any physical or mental endeavor. Through this video Dada aims to remove the misconception that meditation is an “effortless technique”. Although not obviously laborious there is effort required in meditation in order for the state of “effortlessness” or spiritual trance to be achieved.

To learn a simple, introductory technique of meditation, please watch the video entitled, “Step 1-Introductory Meditation Technique” in this channel

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27 thoughts on “The Primary Ingredient for Successful Meditation

  1. Diet should be plant base and not vegetarian, because that includes dairy products and nowadays milk extraction means TORTURE.
    So if you consume ANY dairy products you are not practicing ahimsa, asteya and saucha.
    In order to have milk a cow have to be pregnant(artificially) and when the calve born is taken away from the mother(TERRIBLE INSANE)and if is a male they kill it because has no value for dairy industry and if is a female is going to suffer the same.
    So, if you eat ghee, milk, yogurt or ice cream , you are stealing the milk from a calve that was separated from the mother and killed or tortured.
    And ALL dairy industry work like this, unless you have a cow in your backyard.

  2. 🙏🏻 thank you for the video!!!! Being an Indian the word parishrama is used a lot in common talk & it is used just to mean effort.. but listening to ur video has given it a new extensive meaning.. thank you

  3. thank you. I'd like to postulate the significance of undrrstanding an absolutely plant based (ie vegan not vegetarian) consumer lifestyle as being necessary for complete peace of mind. the tree of life is water. the tree of knowledhe is blood \ sentient dna

  4. Namaskar dada, I'm from Philippines, since 2003 i had my 1st and 2nd lesson in meditation in ananda marga. I've lost contact or going to dharma chakra when i had my day job, but i still, i am doing my 1st and 2nd lesson. When i lost my job, i returned to weekly dc, i explained my case to some friends there in jagrti. So they told me i can ask for my didi my 3rd lesson, but she went back to indonesia. Can you help me dada what is the best thing for me to do coz i really wanna go further in meditation lessons. Hope you can help me dada. Thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for this message. I’m grateful. It definitely helps release some of the negative thoughts about how fast or how slow I am progressing in my practice.

    One small bit of supportive advice. As a photographer we learn that when shooting landscapes or any shot with a clear horizon line, there are a couple things to remember.

    First never have a line going through someone’s head if you can avoid it.

    Second, and more importantly, always keep your horizon line level. When a person sees a tilted horizon line in a picture or video it causes them to feel unbalanced. We tend to tilt our heads when we look to bring the horizon line back to the horizontal.

    I know this isn’t an extremely important issue considering the subject matter of the video is much more worthwhile than worrying about tilted Horizon lines or photography tips. Just thought it might help your viewership by removing Unnecessary distractions.

    I am aware of how giving unasked for advice is rarely a wise choice lol. So I beg your forgiveness in this instance.

    Arigato and Aloha

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