The power of Meditation!!!! Meditation is so POWERFUL!!!

The power of Meditation!!!! Meditation is so Powerful!!!! I know that in the United States meditation isnt that common. It’s not as common as other countries atleast and it is so so powerful. ALOT of people have told me that they don’t know how to meditate and they think it’s something that only gurus do stuff like that. But it’s not, Meditation is so so simple and so easy. All you do in meditation is you sit comfortably or you can lay down, you just get super comfortable so that you can truly relax your whole body. I honestly like to sit with my legs crossed, my elbows on my knees, because I like to be really centered. You can sit however is most comfortable for you. You just sit and close your eyes, and you just focus on your breath. You breath in deep breaths, and then you let it out, and you just keep doing that and if you want you can count your breaths if that helps you. But you just focus on your breath and you just be in the moment, you focus on the moment, and you observe your thoughts, you just let them come and go, and you realize that all they are is thoughts, they are nothing more than just thoughts. So when you observe your thoughts, that’s when you can really realize what it is that you do believe. And what it is that is repetitively going through your mind. Once you realize what it is that is going in your mind, that’s when you have the ability to change it, because that’s when you become aware of what it is that is going through your mind. Most of us honestly don’t know because we have over 65,000 thoughts a day. Most of them of coarse are subconscious thoughts, we are not even aware we are having them. But when you sit down in meditation, that when you can take the time to observe your thoughts, and once you observe your thoughts, you get the awareness of your thoughts, you become aware of what your thoughts are. What your programs are that are constantly running in your mind. That are disturbing you or making you feel however your feeling. So if your Not feeling happy and amazing and joy and bliss every single day. Then that’s when you really need to do meditation more, so that you can become aware of what the patterns are, so that you can change those patterns. So that you can make them more positive patterns. You can clear out the old and put in New positive things. That is where your power really lays is when you can transform your subconscious mind. You can weed out all the negative, and you can plant positive, and that is where the power lays. Meditation can make you feel so much better, and meditating on a daily basis is super important. Even if it’s 5 minutes, 5 minutes in the morning 5 minutes at night. It is so necessary for the human body. We as human beings are so over stimulated by so many different things everyday. With the television, phone, social media, I personally deleted the Facebook app and I very rarely get on Facebook. I took off instagram, I took off any social media because I realized that it took too much time.out of my life and most of it was really negative and fear based. It really served no purpose. Because every single thing that you read or look at with your eyes your brain observes in that day. I want to observe the least amount of negative information in a day as I possibly can. So I cut out that, I cut out news completely, because that is negative based, and im positive based now. I only focus on positive things and anything that’s fear based I just try to clear as soon as possible because I do not want fears in my life. I lived in fear enough in my life in the past and I’m done with it. Being scared isn’t fun, it’s a terrible thing to be in fear. So I vow never again to live in fear. Meditation is super important and necessary and needed in society and in the world. It can help you, it can help you so much, it can clear your old baggage, it can clear your old negative traumas that have happened to you. It can help you release things and let go of things and be in the present moment. Focus on your breath and your heart beating and it can help you to be able to use your heart more, speak from your heart and just be more centered. Be more amazing and more alive, be more real. Be the truth, because that is the way to the light. I really encourage you all to try meditation. There are some really awesome guided meditations out there and I invite you to find one that really resonates with your soul!!!! Love and light to you all!!!! Thank you so much for watching!!!!! Peace!!!!


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