The Philosophy of Kreia: A Critical Examination of Star Wars

The character Kreia from the game Knights of the Old Republic 2 is arguably one of the greatest female characters in gaming. However, despite her fame, much of her philosophy has been misunderstood due to the puzzling manner in which the game presents her backstory and motives. This video will serve both as an examination of Kreia’s philosophy and her criticisms of the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Chris Avellone famously said in an interview that Knights of the Old Republic 2 was meant to question everything there had to be questioned about Star Wars. This video will be answering those questions.

This video has been five months in the making.


43 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Kreia: A Critical Examination of Star Wars

  1. 0:00 Intro to Kreia
    2:28 The Jedi Code
    3:56 Jedi/Buddhist Philosophy comparison
    5:10 The Sith Code
    6:24 Nietzsche/Sith Philosophy comparison
    7:10 Kreia's duality
    8:25 Atris's path mirroring Kreia's past
    9:49 Arren Kae's "fall" from the Jedi Order
    11:30 Darth Traya's origins
    12:50 Why Jedi keep falling to the dark side
    17:50 Anakin's example
    19:50 Jolee Bindo's rejection of traditional Jedi teaching
    21:05 Luke's conflict with the Code
    21:52 The self-destruction of altruism
    24:30 On Jedi training children – avoiding connections
    26:20 The Sith's repeating pattern
    27:10 Yuthura Ban's story
    29:12 Anakin's emotional entrapment
    32:18 Traya becomes Kreia
    32:55 Master Morality
    33:42 Ajunta Pall's lamentations
    34:20 The Sith's unsustainable society
    34:58 The emptiness of revenge
    37:50 What defines Kreia?
    39:40 The Ithorians vs Czerka Corporation dilemma
    43:10 Kreia's iconic parable on kindness/cruelty
    47:00 Nar Shadda's lessons in manipulation
    55:11 Kreia dominates Hanharr – a lesson in strength and power
    1:02:52 Kreia's motivation
    1:04:47 Jolee Bindo's parable of Master Hortath (blindness)
    1:07:12 The Jedi Masters' judgment of the exile
    1:09:02 Kreia's judgment of the Jedi Masters
    1:09:34 The revelation of Atris's fall
    1:10:50 Jedi/Sith similarities
    1:12:20 Lightsabers' symbolic colors
    1:13:50 Corruption of the dark side
    1:14:56 The weaknesses of dependence on the force
    1:22:03 The endless battles of Master Morality vs Slave Morality
    1:26:00 Why Kreia hates the force
    1:28:53 Free will/choice vs fate/destiny
    1:35:42 Unsettling recurrences of events
    1:37:00 Kreia's grande schemes
    1:41:28: Name symbolism
    1:42:48 The significance of the exile and Malachor
    1:49:28 Kreia's final wish
    1:50:52 Luke's original purpose
    1:51:44 Conclusion

  2. 1.Planescape Torment

    3.Kotor 2

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  3. Really late to the party, but I do have a fundamental issue with this. The way you describe the force. For example, you seem to think that force doesn't desire balance between the light and dark, but, instead, desires a complete eradication of the dark. However, I think this doesn't hold up. Between the scene on Mortis in the Clone Wars and, now, the sequel trilogy, the force seems to force that balance. In fact, it could be said the resurrection of both jedi and sith is part of that. When either is "completely" defeated, it simply comes back or a new schism takes place. I think this important, and I think the influence of the force is important. Look at Qui-gon, he ignores slavery and other issues because he is in-tune with the will of the force, and I think the sith philosophy is somewhat undermined or maybe symbiotic with dark side corruption. I feel the will of the force as force cannot be understated.

  4. This is such a grear video, not only for fans of star wars and its lore but also for fans of philosophy or writing and character-design. I absolutely love it, thank you so much.

  5. The line about overthrowing Palp and ruling together should have been cut out of the movie. I never liked it. Anakins whole reason for doing this was too keep her alive and safe. He was just given the option to run away with her. Instead of maybe saying let me learn the power needed to save you or shit….RUNNING AWAY WITH HER…he gives her a line as if she doesnt matter as much as full power over everything is….idk

  6. Magnificent presentation from beginning to end, thank you for your effort in putting this together, you articulated my own thoughts and reflections so well and given me new insights.

    P.S. Sorry to be that person but I can't help but want to ask what's that music that plays at different times throughout the video? Like here for example: 1:51:44

  7. If anyone is interested in this game. I am playing a current canon walkthrough of meetra surik on my channel. thanks! Hope you ejoy Kreia and her backstory though. @esfelectra is great at explaining the characters in the game though x)

  8. This. This is what made me got into video analysis type videos in the first place. And also what made me interested KOTOR. In My Opinion, this is what RPG should do in their stories, exploring philosophies and the flaws in every faction like Fallout New Vegas. Big props to you man! Your video are top-tier, intelligent and dramatic at some point. Such a joy to watch your video again

  9. As every Star Wars starts with the word "A long time ago", and The Force doesn't exist in our world, does it mean someone herited Kreia's ideals, and destroyed the force ?

  10. ATM I’m very busy too watch the vid but I’m gonna give my two cents on what I BELIEVE the Jedi represents. Saying a good vs evil narrative is bad is ignorant to the actual complexity it can be utilized for. The Jedi or Sith aren’t good or evil, but the light and dark is. A main point in the Star Wars universe is the Jedi “order” or any order is wrong in itself but the force isn’t to blame. Both Jedi and Sith are too caught up on what’s happening in reality that they forget that ultimately, it doesn’t matter. The Jedi believe in bringing peace to the galaxy while the Sith want to control it. A very good example is the final arc of the 6th Season of the clone wars where Yoda goes on a mystical force adventure where he learns the true nature of force ghosts, something thought to be impossible by the Jedi order. It’s shown time and time again that life does not simply end. The Sith thought this and wanted to prolong it, while the Jedi believed it and attempted to save as much lives if necessary. The force ghost is the definition of the afterlife and life is pointless, accept the force isn’t. Everyone in that universe is a part of the force. The Jedi order is supposed to represent the ignorant minds of many when trying to understand the light side of the force. The Jedi believed in good and bad, but not in the force itself. Obi Wan believed Luke couldn’t redeem his father, but it never is about what you do in your life or the mistakes you have made, as the force decides all. Life is just a test, and the force is the ultimate goal. I know I’m rambling but this is a story about back-flipping space wizards after all.

    This is also why I didn’t like the last Jedi because of the whole “Jedi is bad” narrative they executed. I mean the idea was great but RJ is a horrible Star Wars director.

  11. One thing I don't entirely understand is how internal struggles will strengthen a person and in particular how resolving other's internal struggles can strengthen us.

  12. Star Wars could have been an Epic rivaling those of our ancestors
    And both Lucas and the mouse wasted it in a ocean of pettiness
    The wonders and horrors of the Force are nothing compared with the power of stupidity and laziness

  13. This was awesome. The first 2 hour YouTube video I've watched in its entirety. I think my favorite part was the first half or so, comparing the Jedi and Sith extremes to Buddhist and Nietzschean extremes. The true path must be somewhere in between, the path of "learning to be human", as Kreia put it.

  14. Star wars is about Anakin , not Luke. It doesn't matter how you spin it , avoid it , digress to Luke , it's about ANAKIN SKYWALKER THE CHOSEN ONE….just like Trump !!!

  15. This is an absolutely incredible video. Seriously amazing. Kotor 2 is an example of when subverting expectations is done right and deconstructs the Star Wars mythos unlike anything else. Once again, congrats on this phenomenal video.

  16. The Jedi and the Sith are two Sides of the same Medal and neither Side can exist without the other,so how could the Extinction of just one Side bring Balance? If the Sith were Extincted, there would still be no Balance at all.

  17. I think it`s common knowledge that the Jedi failed their own teachings practically form the get-go. Even Yoda, called the Avatar of Light, has self-admitted bonds to his students, he loved Dooku almost like a son. The bond between Master and Student is something they hold dear, Obi-Wan clearly loved Qui-Gon and Anakin, they were his family, his attachments.
    I think the Jedi teachings is more something they hold as an ideal, but not as a practical goal. It´s like the Jedi Code is the God of Christianity, even if you fail following the teachings, there is still salvation through faith by believing in god and following him.
    There`s also the little nugget that a force user becomes most powerful if he gives up his ego, by allowing the force to flow through him and use him basically as an instrument. Jedi become powerful and immortal when they become one with the force, even though the Sith are supposed to be about power.
    As you suggested in your Grey Jedi video, in the galaxy of Star Wars there are only a hand full of options for a force-user, and the Jedi way is set up to be "the right way", so our galaxies philosophies do not apply to the Star Wars Galaxy, as we do not have a clearly visible representation of a higher power, our "god" (the abrahamic one) is invisible and unknowable, while the force is clearly visible and can be understood, so it`s much more sensible to believe in and follow the force, because it clearly exists. Since there is at least hints of a "will of the force" that can be followed, and this "will" seems to be aligned with the light-side force users, from a theological perspective the Jedi are the right way.
    I personally believe that the "Will of the Force" is simply a universal strife towards singularity or entropy and the force doesn`t actually care either way, and is simply perpertuating itself, unthinking chaos and harmony in endless battle.

  18. Keira is fairly close to how ive seen the force for quite a while however i wouldnt go as far as she would but deffintly dont like the jedi nor the sith (however id take pre sequal jedi especailly eu luke and Kale Katarn over sith) aw both ideologies have seemed to extreme to me

  19. How could Kreia's plan work with Valkorion hanging around?
    He doesn't want the death of the force, and Kreia actions couldn't stay unnoticed by the eternal emperor.

  20. 5 months to make this? Man that was a lot of work but i have to say: THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN ABOUT SW! You make me see all in a different way, i'm not the kind of people that watch videos with this duration but it was so fucking worth it <3 Thank you so much for your work and time :')

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