The Pennywise Package (Subliminal, non-forced)


Fluency in English is required.

This subliminal may be a bit creepy for most of you
but I made this for myself because I wasn’t very happy
with my Pennywise costume from 2017 for Halloween, I’m
planning to be him again this year and I really want to be
the most screen accurate. I know maybe some people
would wish to be Pennywise for Halloween so I decided to
make this public.

Listen at 50% Volume. Higher or lower depending how loud
your speakers or headphones are.

What makes my Subliminals Unique is that during the process of
production, I use a lot of Numerology in the levels and timing to
ensure that the universe is answering your prayers.

The number 27 is very consistent in this subliminal to
really set the intention.

My subliminals are designed specifically to sleep with,
You can be awake to listen also. The reason I made my channel,
is because I didn’t like any of the music many other subliminal channels had
and I’ve felt like the affirmations were too minimal.

Listen once a day.

Drink DOUBLE the amount of water as recommended.

Affirmations include,

– Grow 6’4 (if desired)
– Do the perfect Pennywise voice impression
– Have the ability to move one eye at a time (wall eyed)
– Be able to Point your lip like Bill Skarsgård.
– Amazing makeup skills.
– Apply prosthetics seamlessly.
– Dance like pennywise.
– Telepathically Know everyones fears.
– Truly terrify anyone when you desire to.
– Emulate anyone’s fears when you desire to.
– Manifest money for the cosplay. (affirmation not very strong)
– Smile like pennywise.
– Seamless makeup skills.
– Dance very well.
– Very High IQ
– Become a Makeup Genius
– Have the most screen accurate Pennywise cosplay


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