The Key to Success Pay Attention!

Sadhguru elaborates on the power of attention, and how being attentive can be the key to unlocking success. Through examples from his own life, he looks at how opportunities are always knocking on the door, if we are willing to look at life in a broader scope.



The question is how can we translate Gita, the philosophy of Krishna into augmenting business in India?

Sadhguru: I… I have not read the Gita, so… I really have not. I’m sorry, because, for me my own vision has never failed me. So I always kept away from all scriptures because I didn’t want to clutter myself with something or the other. The only thing that I learnt and I continue to do is, if I look at something… if I look at a person, I know their past, present and future. That is the level of attention I’m paying to them. I don’t look at like this, when I look I look at it completely with all that I have. If you pay enough attention there is nothing that will not yield. So I never had any reason or need to go looking for scriptures or something. With all… with all respect and regard for them, it is not that I am averse to it, it’s just that I have not have the time.

How this whole process started is, when I was very young I realized that I just don’t know anything. See, if you realize that you do not know, if it’s a full-scale realization that you do not know anything, paying attention will be natural. Because you know everything – I know this guy, I know this, this, this, this, this; there’re assumptions and assumptions and assumptions. Well, I have used it in a different way but even if you’re doing business – even it’s for business purposes – the only reason why one human being seems to be… all the opportunities seems to be going in his direction and not other people, is simply because he is able to see and other people are not able to see. It’s not that it’s not there for others. One is able to see and others are not able to see. So essentially a leader means that you are able to see something that others are not able to see.

So attention without intention; simply being attentive that’s what we were trying to do in the afternoon; not paying attention to something, just practicing attention; a very heightened level of attention where an unfocused attention but when you focus it on something, just about anything has to yield. There is no other way to that attention. So I always focused on enhancing and sharpening my attention, never on retention because what you gather is not you. Essentially you know that you exist only because you have some sense of attention right now, isn’t it? Suppose you fall asleep and you lose your attention, you do not even know that you exist.

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – The Founder of Isha Foundation

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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23 thoughts on “The Key to Success Pay Attention!

  1. To me, he is one of few awakened people on this planet who is kind enough to show d path in a clear way how to experience those that he has experienced himself. His talk is clearly from a level different from ours.

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